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August 21, 2015

Oh Venice, the wonderful city of colorful buildings, whimsical bridges, tons of canals, and tiny streets. Every corner you you turn, your lost in a real life water color painting that your camera can never do justice (trust me I tried). This blogpost is PHOTO HEAVY, I couldn't stop snapping away photos here!
Ciao Italia!

I still can't believe I'm here! I've been dreaming of this moment since I was in middle in school. The ride over to Italy felt like forever but nonetheless it was very entertaining. We stopped at a shopping outlet and had to time to shop around for a bit. Our tour manager decide to have a contest which was the highlight of the bus ride over to Venice. There were two teams and two lucky boys were dressed and styled with any accessories available on the bus and strut down the runway (bus aisle). Lets just say, we all couldn't stop laughing. When we finally got to our accommodation, everyone was exhausted but were anxious to explore Venice the next day. Our accommodation was outside of Venice so we had to take a fast boast to enter this breathtaking amazing town. 

We did have a walking tour scheduled which a local tour guide pointed out the key monuments and places of Venice and told us the history behind them. We then had a free day to roam around and get lost. The group of girls i was with did just that, we got lost (many times), had lunch in an awesome restaurant with great views, had lots of gelato, coffee, limoncello, shopped in a few boutiques, and of course take tons of pictures. 

We had to meet everyone at a certain time to go for our gondola ride around Venice, which is one of the optionals available on this tour. As cheesy as it is (and very touristy), I recommend doing it! Seeing Venice through the gondola was so unbelievable and great experience. Our gondolier was so much fun, he even got us champagne for our ride, sang a few songs, and pointed out a few things along the way. One of my favorite memories of this trip was this gondola ride. We then had the option to stay in town or get back on the fast boat back to our accommodation. If you stayed which many did, you have to find your way back on your own! It was very hot this day and most of us were tired from the long day of walking and wanted to rest up for the night time. Before the day started, we were told to buy a mask for the mask party. 

Venice is known for their intricate masks and also their glass blown art. TIP: there is a glass making demonstration some time throughout the free day, if you wanted to go see it, just as your tour manager. Venetian masks are a centuries old tradition. They are typically worn during the Carnival of Venice. You can find beauty masks to buy every wear you go. Buying a mask is also good souvenir to buy as well ass your mask for the mask party!The mask party was so much fun, the other Contiki groups that arrived at our accommodation were there as well. This was a night to remember, with tons of singing along to songs, dancing the night away, and memories that will last a life time! Enjoy my photo diary of Venice!! hope to be back soon.

Walking Tour.

Gondola Ride.

Gelato Runs.

Wining & Dining With a View.

Exploring Venice.

Mask Party.

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