High Rollin' in Monaco

August 20, 2015

Make sure you dress up in your nicest outfit to head out for a night in Monaco! It is your one night to be alongside the rich and famous so make it count. Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world besides the Vatican. Its known for it's opulence of luxury cars, high rolling gamblers, legendary casino, huge yachts, amazing nightlife and sightings of rich and famous celebrities. Things are more expensive here but don't let that get in the way of having fun in Monaco!

Monaco Views.

Entering Monaco you will see the amazing views.of this amazing country. Winding down the streets of Monaco, you will see pretty buildings and expensive cars everywhere. The first stop we made was the Royal Palace of Monaco. The coach bus dropped us off and we started walking towards the palace. This is where you want to take you pictures! The views in this area are jaw dropping, everything looks like its straight out of a post card. Our tour manager and bus driver surprised the group with some bottle of wine. Having drinks and taking in the view, what more can you ask for? You have some time to walk around so definitely make the most of it!

Monte Carlo Casino.
The second stop was the infamous Monte Carlos Casino. You will find the most luxurious cars passing by every minute. This was is where the group dispersed and got to decide what they wanted to do with their time in Monaco. Many went to hit up the bars, walk around the plaza, head down to waterfront, go to a club, or go inside the casino. The people I was with decided we wanted to see the inside of this famous casino. You do have to pay to get inside, it's not free. Also they will not permit camera's and taking any type of photos inside. The casino is very beautifully decorated and it was fun to say that I gambled a little bit in Monaco. I didn't win big but what little I did win I saved the casino slip as a souvenir. One of the guys from our tour actually won a good of amount euros, so you might be get lucky too! 

Explore Monaco!
After some time at the casino, a few of us strolled around the plaza of designer stores. We then decided to head to Nikki Beach Monte Carlo club for a few drinks. Which was so much fun and also had great views of the city at night. It was a chilled relaxed vibe because it was still early on in the night but they had great music and cabanas to sit at and also if you brought a bathing suit, you can go for a swim. The girls and I had a blast there and would definitely recommend going if you're around that area.

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