Roaming Around Rome | Italy

August 27, 2015

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Ciao Roma! How can you visit Italy without stopping by and exploring Rome? The city of unforgettable history, art, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment is a must see. With a limited time frame in Rome, hitting up the main attractions is up high on the priority list.

Roma, Italia.

I've been dreaming of being in Rome for so many years and visiting all the places I've studied throughout the years in history. It was so surreal actually being there, I was just soaking up everything I could within the time frame I was there. The one thing I might say was a disappointment was that during the time I went, the Trevi Fountain was undergoing restoration. I have been dreaming of the day that I would have my (Lizzie McGuire moment) in front of this fountain but that didn't happen because of all the scaffolding surrounding the fountain. Although it was under restoration, I will make way back there when it's finished one day to truly admire it's beauty!

During our time in Rome, a heat wave was in our forecast. I lost count the amount of time I had to buy water to keep hydrated. Heatwaves and packed tourist attractions wasn't fun at times but I didn't let that get in the way of enjoying this beautiful city. *TIP* (Beware of scammers, they are everywhere especially outside the popular tourist attractions). 

Our tour was from London to Athens, but many people on our tour only booked from London to Rome, so we lost some of our travelers at the end of our Rome visit which was sad. Saying goodbye to new friendships is never easy but we all made sure to keep in touch through social media. Hope you enjoy the following photos from my stay in Rome!

colosseum in italy

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Rome Italy Travel Guide

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colosseum pictures

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Roma Italia

colosseum  outside

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Roman Forum.
Roman Forum Italy, Contiki Europe,

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The Roman Forum, Rome Italy, Things to do in Rome Italy

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Places to visit in Rome Italy

Pantheon Rome Italy

Pantheon Inside

Trevi Fountain.
Trevi Fountain Under Restoration, Contiki Europe,

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Trevi Fountain Restoration

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Roaming Around Rome.
Rome Italy Streets
Streets of Rome Italy

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