For the love of PARIS!

August 7, 2015

Oh Paris, the city of love. Many of us think of romantic love stories from the movies we watched or books that we read when we hear or think of the city of Paris. I was super excited when we finally arrived and couldn't wait to see what the city has to offer!

Get Lost.

We arrived in Paris in the late afternoon. After settling down we met with everyone in the nearby restaurant for our included dinner. I met my roommate who just flew in and started her trip late. We were chatting and got to dinner a little late. We joined a table full of girls from all over the world. Everyone was very friendly and we just had great conversation throughout dinner. We hopped on the coach bus and took a night city tour. It didn't hit me until then that I'm actually in PARIS! It's always been a dream to come here for the longest time, it just seemed so surreal. Our tour manager pointed out where to shop, where to eat, important landmarks, and etc. I just wanted to hop off the bus and explore myself at the point haha. We had a free night and our tour manager gave us the option to hop off the bus and stay in the city center or go back to the hotel. *TIP* You have to find your way back to the hotel so always have the address in your phone.* A few of us decided to stay and we went to explore Parisian night life. Walking past the Eiffel tower for the first time left me speechless. I was just in awe that I was actually standing in front of it. Our little group walked around the park and ended up near the Seine river. We realized most of the Parisian night life doesn't start until way  later so we went to a bar to get some drinks and get to know one another. While walking around after wards, we talked to some locals who suggested going to a club nearby. We went through a security line and ended paying 20 euro to get in. Let's just say it wasn't worth the money haha. It was a packed club near the river that seemed to be hosting a teen night or something because that's all we saw inside. But we didn't let that ruin our time, we danced the night away. We took a cab back to the hotel and went to sleep to energized for the next day.


We had breakfast and we were off to the Palace of Versailles. It was a very gloomy, cloudy, chilly day which was kind of a bummer. I'm glad I packed light cardigans becauseI was not expecting this type of weather. I never seen a longer line in my life when we arrived. Unfortunately we weren't able to tickets to get inside the Palace of Versailles. Our tour manager bought us tickets to enter the the Versailles garden.

Arc De Triumph.

Another Paris landmark you must visit while in Paris. It's inevitable you will spot it while driving around or walking around in the main shopping area. You will find tourists all over the world taking pictures here. On one of your free days, I suggest take a trip there and walk up the arc de triumph and enjoy the amazing views from above. It's a few euros to walk up but it's totally worth it. Be prepared to walk up a lot of stairs but at least you will be working out those crepes and macaroons you've been stuffing your face with.

Red Light District.

One of our optionals was a caberet show which was located in the Red Light District. I didn’t know what to expect since I never attended a show like this before but it was fun. Before the show started we got to walk around and ladies just be warned if your wearing and dress around this area be prepared to get hit on by men. It was interesting to see a street dedicated to just a bunch of sex shops and strip clubs. You aren't allowed to take pictures inside the burlesque show. There were other contiki groups inside which made it fun! The show was amazing with a mixture of some many entertainment acts which kept it fun to watch. I recommend choosing this optional because when will you say you've been to a caberet sho win Paris? After the show, all the contiki groups went to a bar and partied it up Paris style! I forgot the the name of the bar but it was across the street from the caberet show. The dj was good and the drinks were flowing, everyone was having a great time!

Paris Eats.

Just stuff your face with anything and everything you see! I love trying new food and delicacies from each country. Of course when in Paris, you must have crepes, escargot, macaroons, anything inside of a bakery, and lots of bread. Get our of your comfort zone and try new things on a menu! I recommend doing the Parisian dinner optional! The food was amazing and you had live entertainment. It was a great experience and the restaurant was so very chic and intimate.

The Louvre.

This is a must stop in Paris! be prepared for a long waiting time to get it. This place tends to be very full with tourists especially during peak high season. It was definitely worth the wait. The group of people I was with made it extremely fun. We couldn't stop laughing and just enjoying our time. We a history buff girl in our group who was telling us interesting facts throughout the time we were walking around the louvre. We were on a time crunch but got to see everything we wanted to see especially the infamous MONA LISA!

Eiffel Tower.

The last night after our Parisian dinner we had plans to have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. But this day unfortunately was raining all day that we thought it wasn't going to happen. Surprisingly, the sun came out which made for gorgeous sunset. The sky looked absolutely beautiful and we continued on with our plans to have some champagne under the the Eiffel tower which was just an unforgettable experience. A group of us wanted to go to the top of t he Eiffel tower. I don't know if it was the champagne talking or we were just feeling extra energetic, our group decided to walk up 704 stairs instead of talking the elevator. After the first 300 stairs, I was feeling the burn in my legs and regretting this decision. The views going up was breathtaking. I made it to the top, out of breath, and sweating but I forgot all about how I was feeling when I saw the amazing views. I couldn't believe I was actually here. It was very emotional for me because I never thought I would be here. I couldn't stop talking pictures and just taking in the moment. There were many proposals going on, which was so romantic and cute and kind of sad coming from the lonely single girl haha. Our group decided to take the elevator down (thank god!) but be aware of the LONG line you have to wait. This night I will never forget.

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