Countryside in the Beaujolais Wine Region!

August 10, 2015

From the busy city of Paris to the picturesque country side, the views are unbelievable! The long coach ride was filled with singing, sleeping, talking, and eating. Having a window seat and seeing the scenery on the way to our next destination was just breathtaking.

Chateau Living.

Arriving at the chateau everything looked so magical. I never thought I would be staying at a chateau overlooking a vineyard in the south of France!  There was an outdoor pool and huge yard with lounge chairs. TIP* if your suitcase is heavy like mine was haha there is no elevators so you have to lug around your suitcase to where your room is* I got to room with 3 Aussie girls who all came together on the trip. Our room was decent sized which and had 4 bunk beds and our window had a great view of the vineyards. We got to do a wine tasting and learn more about the wine that was made in that region. It was a cool experience especially since we were in a wine region. After settling in we celebrated our driver, Matt's birthday! Everyone was just hanging around and getting drinks from the bar. This is the night where we all got to really talk and mingle around. Also we weren't the only contiki group staying in this chateau. Another group had arrived later than us which was fun to get to know more new people. You will be bumping into other contiki tours along your trip, so keep that in mind!

  (Chateau we stayed at)

(View from the inside)

The next  3 days were full of down time and relaxation. We were split in groups for our picnic. Each group had a basket full of food and water and a bottle of wine to hold to get to the picnic destination. Let's just say the "easy hike" wasn't all the easy for most. Not sure if it was the warm weather, steep incline on this hill/mountain, or just simply being out of shape. That hike definitely kicked my butt. I guess you can say this was my first official hike ever as a New Yorker, there's not that much to hike. I finally made it to the top and was glad I pushed through because the view was amazing. Everyone just sat in a circle and talked. We actually had a musician on our tour who brought his guitar and start playing and singing some songs. It was cool vibe with great people!

Walking down from that killer hill (haha) the views were just amazing. I couldn't help but walking slow and taking in all the beauty. Arriving back at the chateau, many people decided to jump in the pool, lay out by the sun, or play volleyball. I really enjoyed the down time on the part of the trip because it allowed you to catch a breath from the busy non stop activities from the past few days. Everyone was excited for our first ever themed party which was called the "P" party. We were told in Paris to find a costume that started with the letter P. Everyone was getting ready and putting their final touches to their costumes. Many people came up with very creative ideas. I joined a group of girls who decided to be "pussy cats" and we dressed in black and added cute whiskers on our faces. Our idea wasn't the most creative but hey it was easy to throw together before this party. The party was in the basement which had a bar and good music. Everyone was having a great time. I think this party set the tone for the rest of the trip. Our group really bonded that night and couldn't of asked for a more entertaining night. Just a *TIP* don't get too wasted and get a bad hangover because the next day we have a LONG bus ride to Barcelona!

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What would your costume be for the P party?

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