Antibes | French Riveria

August 14, 2015

The ride over to the French Riviera is stunning. It was also cool that many celebrities were staying in different parts of the French Rivera while our stay there. We arrived to our accommodation in the late afternoon which we all received a welcome drink and dinner. After settling in our cabins, we had a free night to do whatever we pleased. Our tour manager told about a nearby amusement park and a beach that was in walking distance. A group of us decided to go and explore Antibes and had a blast! We found the amusement park but decided to keep walking a little further to check out the beach first since it was almost sunset. It was my first time at a pebble beach but it was a fun vibe with the locals playing music and singing. We then headed back to the amusement park to check it out and found others from our tour there as well. It was one of the best nights on this trip, bringing out our inner child spirit while going on rides and playing games. I recommend checking it out while you're in Antibes!

Antibes Fun.

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