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HOLA, I'm Stephanie Granados! A first generation Colombian-American travel blogger born and raised in New York. So far I have visited over twenty countries and nine of those countries I've traveled solo. I'm that girl whose always daydreaming of her next travel destination and adding new places to my ever so increasing travel bucket-list. If you want to check what's on it (click here) and let me know if you've crossed any of them off your list! Welcome to Wanderlust Beauty Dreams and thank you so much for stopping by and wanting to learn a little bit more about me!

I guess you can say my love for travel started at a young age, thanks to my parents. My very first flight was to Colombia to celebrate my first birthday. Don't really remember that particular trip but it looked like a lot of fun from the pictures I've seen in my photo album lol. My favorite memories from my  childhood were from the vacations we took as a family. My parents always made it a point while traveling to learn about the culture, try the local cuisine, talk to the locals, learn the history, and support local artisans when visiting new destinations. Which I incorporate to my travels to this day as well. Instead of a traditional quinceañera (sweet 15), I had the option of having a party or going on a vacation. You guessed right, I chose to go on vacation and went to the Bahamas. Those vacations were something I always looked forward to but that completely stopped when my parents divorced. 

After many years of no traveling, I always felt like something was missing but couldn't put my finger on it. I had the itch to travel. I've always been intrigued in visiting Italy in particular. I studied the Italian language from middle school through high school. I remember hearing amazing stories from my teacher and from friends who were from there and just really wanted to experience it for myself someday. Growing up in a hispanic household, Europe always seemed like an out of reach destination to travel to. I just always heard it was expensive and we never made our way there or knew anyone whose traveled there. After failed attempts of planning trips with friends, doing my own research, figuring out logistics. I decided to take my first ever trip to Europe! No one wanted to join so this very shy girl over here booked a month long solo trip in 2015 and hit many countries in Europe.

That trip for me changed me in so many ways but it just heightened my sense of wanderlust on a whole new level. I craved more and more adventures around the world! After that trip ended and  I came back home and launched this blog! I've always been into photography since I was little girl using up all the disposable cameras I could find at home. Over the years I've had so many cameras and used up so much memory on my computers with the amount of photos I liked to take. Through blogging I found a creative outlet to share my experiences from the places I've been so lucky to discover with my own eyes. I also have a love for videography, which is another way I like to document my travels and experiences. If you want to check out my youtube channel (click here) to find more content! With that being said, I decided to make my wanderlust dreams a reality and scratch off the destinations I have on my list and share my journey along the way. Follow me on my upcoming adventures across the globe!

Some fun random facts about me that aren't travel-related are: I'm a first generation college graduate and hold a psychology degree with honors. My favorite pastime is watching sunsets. I love finding cute aesthetic cafes and trying new restaurants. Anything with passionfruit is my go to. I like to find hidden gems + viewpoints. Cooking and trying new recipes is fun for me. I have thing for sunglasses + dresses + dainty jewelry and backpacks. I'm all about finding a good deal! Totally obsessed with boho + mid-century decor. You'll find me listening and singing (horribly) to reggaeton, vallenatos, bachata, salsa, old school r&b and throwback music. I use way too many face masks. I'm an avid podcast listener. Fall is my all time favorite season. Soccer is the only sport I enjoy watching. French fries are life (actually any type of potato). Hgtv and Bravo are the only tv channels I watch. I get anxiety if I'm the center of attention. I've been to sooo many Aventura/ Romeo Santos concerts. I was more a BSB fan than an NSYNC fan. I use to play volleyball and tennis when I was younger and want to get back into it. I use to do special effects makeup tutorials for fun. I wear contacts because I can't see far away. I like people watching. I also do this weird thing where if people are passing by and speaking another language I try to figure out where they are from by their accent or dialect.


I started Wanderlust Beauty Dreams as a source of travel inspiration and information for those jet-setting adventurous souls out there! The name came from words that meant something to me. My huge desire to travel also known as the word wanderlust. Before creating this blog, I had another one that was beauty focused so I wanted to incorporate that aspect into the my blog as well. Nowadays this word beauty has a double meaning, of finding beauty in anything and everywhere you go. Last but not least, dreams is word that has meaning to everyone but for some it stays a word. I want to make my dreams a reality and want the same for you. And that's the story behind the name Wanderlust Beauty Dreams!

My goal is to inspire everyone to get out of their comfort zones, explore this beautiful world we live in, and to make your wanderlust dreams into a reality. It wasn't until I got out of my comfort zone that it changed my perspective on life and who I was as a person. Stop reading about other peoples travel experiences, watching other peoples travel videos, postponing travel, and thinking that you can never experience that. If it's something you really want to do. I'm here to push you out of that state of mind, empower you, guide you along the way, and share information that you can use throughout your adventures; you got this!   

When I first started solo traveling and deep diving into the world of travel blogging. There were few women of color, let alone latinas being represented in the travel industry. Even when I was abroad, I didn't see or encounter other latina travelers. I want to encourage more latinas to go travel this beautiful world because no matter where your from, what your situation is, it is possible to see the world on any budget. I'm also a huge advocate of female solo traveling. I hope to encourage more women all around the world to experience this at least once. A life of adventure is possible for any one who is willing to chase after it! I also created a travel feature page (WanderlustSueños) on Instagram in 2018 where I post latinx travelers (womxn, men, and couples)  from all over the world. I felt there wasn't feature pages that represented us in the travel space so I created one myself. It's a great community of like minded travel lovers and a space where you can connect and discover new accounts!

I cover a wide range of different topics, all of which are meant to be helpful and inspirational for those who are traveling around the globe!

I  mainly write about:
  • Destination Guides
  • Hotel/Accommodation Reviews
  • New York City Recommendations
  • Travel Tips and Advice

Other topics I may cover occasionally include:
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Life Updates
  • Tech / Gadgets
  • Food and Drink
  • DIY/ Home / Interiors
  • Book Recommendations

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