Nice is Nice | French Riveria

August 17, 2015

We started off the day  by visiting a perfumery in the French Riviera. It was an amazing experience getting a tour of the perfumery and seeing how things are made from scratch. I bought an amazing moisturizer and few perfumes as souvenirs. After leaving the perfumery we headed down to Nice! The views from the bus windows were breathtaking and couldn't wait to explore! This is your free day to explore Nice so make every moment count!

Nice, France.

After departing at the meet up location, everyone went into little groups and started walking towards the infamous pebble beach. This day was particularly very hot, so most of the people on out tour decided to lay out by the beach and get some sun. I didn't want to waste my day at the beach the whole time in Nice so I found some girls who wanted to walk around an explore. Our tour manager  mentioned there was a lookout view on a castle so we decided to head over there. It is free to go up to the top of the castle, *TIP* there is an elevator that takes you up! This is where you want to go if you want to see the Nice from up above and get great photos. After walking around and taking photos, we found a small festival going on and decided to check it out. They had many vendors of food and drinks and it was fun to hang around with the locals. We then proceeded to head back into the town and get some lunch and shop. They have the cutest boutiques in town but they are pricey so keep that in mind! I honestly would come back to Nice in a heartbeat to explore more. I didn't want to leave this amazing place but until next time! 

Blue Beach.

Colline du Chateau.

Exploring Nice.

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