Relaxation in Corfu, Greece

September 1, 2015

Our first stop in beautiful Greece was Corfu, which was a little slice of paradise! After having a hectic schedule in previous weeks, we had much needed down time. My favorite memories were in Greece and will definitely be coming back soon.

Corfu, Greece.
And were off to GREECE! We took a ferry from Salerno, Italy to Greece. It felt like it took forever but we all found ways to entertain ourselves. I didn't know what to expect from Corfu since I didn't hear much about this island beforehand. Corfu did not disappoint at all. I loved the chill vibe this island had and the accommodations we had were great! This was part of the trip were you truly got to relax and not have to worry about waking up early, waiting in lines, or worrying about missing the coach bus. During your free time you could take a bus into town, get your tan on at the hotel's pool, go across the street to the beach, or whatever your heart desired.

Walking around town was great. Getting lost, walking into boutiques, and trying different types of Greek food was awesome. After a few weeks with Contiki, a girl needed to get fresh manicure and pedicure. A few of us girls found an awesome spot which provided amazing service. It was great to finally get a little bit of pampering going on and spend a much needed girls day.

George's boat was one of my favorite highlights of our stay in Corfu. Don't miss out on this optional!!! This boat day was fun-filled, we stopped at three different locations to swim around, snorkel, and do water sports. I recommend parasailing because you get to see amazing views from the island from up above. But as for the other water sports, you can get a better deal across the street from our accommodation at the beach. This optional includes a lunch on board which did not disappoint. We had great music blasting in the speakers all day and George of course was the life of the party, very entertaining! Honestly this was one of  the best days we had and our whole tour group had a blast.

We also had an authentic Greek dinner at cute family restaurant that provided great entertainment. The dancing and singing was amazing and it was fun also learning steps to a traditional Greek dance. There were other Contiki groups there which made it more fun. The last night in Corfu we had a toga party, which was so much fun! Everyone turned their toga into unique designs and we partied the night away. Hope you enjoy this massive photo filled blog post!

Ferry Ride. 

Room Views.

Georgies Boat.

Water Sports.

Greek Dinner.

Toga Party.
Corfu Town.

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