Meeting la Selección de Colombia

September 8, 2015

Is this real life? I cannot believe I met most of Colombia's national soccer team but most importantly I met my soccer player crush JAMES RODRIGUEZ!!!

Colombia's National Soccer team arrived in New York for their friendly match against Peru at the Red Bull Arena. Growing up in a Colombian household, soccer is a major deal! I had an idea where the team were staying at because of James' photo that he posted onto Instagram. I wasn't completely sure exactly where but it happened to be en route to where I work. I decided to walk around a couple of hours early before work to see if I could get a glimpse of the team.

After finding news reporters in the area and people wearing the Colombian jersey, I knew I was in the right place. The waiting game begins and a few hours later, the team was leaving the hotel to go practice, and I was able to get selfies with a lot of players! I came back everyday that week to see them and get as many photos as possible. As each day passed, more and more people found out and it got quite hectic. Many people asked me, Why would go see them every single day? My answer was always, When in your life will you be inches away from famous soccer players? I was lucky enough to get multiple pictures with James and other players. Hope you enjoy this photo diary!

Selección de Colombia. 


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