Day Trip to Asilah // Morocco

February 28, 2018

If you're on the northern side of Morocco, I highly recommend visiting Asilah during your trip. Here are some recommendations on what to do while you're there if you decide on doing a day trip or if you end up staying for a couple of days.

Asilah, Morocco.
Asilah is a town on the northern Atlantic coast of Morocco, just a few miles south of Tangier. There's a lot of Portuguese influence in this town because they use to rule this area back in the day and you can still see ramparts that are in still tact and standing that are centuries old. Many people in Asilah even speak Spanish, Portuguese, or French in addition to Arabic, making this city a melting pot of cultural traditions, cuisines, and languages.

Discover the art culture scene in Asilah. It has gradually gained attention over the past few years, due to The Cultural Moussem of Asilah festival, it's held every June/July. Over the years, the festival has featured performances by dancers, music groups, as well as workshops from international artists. Every year there's creation of the murals in the Asilah medina, when artists use the walls of the city as their blank canvases! It's always ever changing so when you visit you may find new art pieces that weren't there before.

Getting to Asilah was another adventure. I decided to take the train there from Tangier and it was my first time experiencing transportation by train in Morocco. It was actually pretty easy to navigate and everyone I've encountered in the station were very helpful. I think using local transportation is such great way to experience a country in a unique way. While many tourists seem to usually go with private cars or taxis, interacting with locals by using a bus or train is a great way to meet people. Although you may get many stares, it's fun experience and you come back with fun stories.

Leaving the train station, the city is pretty easy to navigate. Walking straight down you'll find the  local beach and then you continue walking into the medina. If you're only going only on a day trip, everything is centrally located so you're able to walk to everything. It's a very chill and laid back city compared to other well known touristy cities, it's up to you on how long you want to stay there. Here are some recommendations on things to do when you're here.

The medina in Asilah was a very pleasant experience due to it being very calm and quiet. It's not as hectic as the larger medinas that you find in Morocco. There's sort of a Greek vibe here with white washed buildings and blue painted window shutters and doors. You'll find beautiful details the more you get lost and explore the alleyways. There were many gardens, creatively designed doorways, souvinir shops, and gorgeous murals you'll want to take out your camera to snap some photos. There's many vendors walking around or you'll find shops that sell refreshments to keep you hydrated, especially if you're here in the summer. I really enjoyed this medina, while you're walking around you just feel the breeze from the beach, hear birds chirping, and hear the waves crashing. I can't wait to come back in the future!

Visit the Beach.
You can't come to Asilah and not hit up the beach. If you come during the summer, you may just want to run into the water just because it gets pretty warm here. I also need to add that it gets very busy here with the locals and tourists who visit during high season! You can't miss the beach if you're walking from the train station or heading to the medina, it's right in the heart of Asilah. You'll find tons food vendors, water-toy vendors, souvenir vendors, camels, and taxis nearby the beach.

Indulge at Local Eateries.
From getting quick bites inside the medina to eating at the many restaurants located outside the medina, there's so much to choose from. I love trying new food everywhere I go and this was no exception. The flavorful dishes and sweet desserts were beyond tasty and I encourage you to try as many local delicacies as you can.

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  1. I'd love to go there one day. nice pictures!!!

  2. Asilah looks incredible! Beautiful photos!

  3. Great post! It sounds like such an interesting place - there's so many great things to see in Morocco! I love your photos too, they really give you such a feel for the place.

    1. That means so much to me! I try my best to showcase a destination through my photos and I'm glad that it comes across that way!

  4. Your pictures are stunning! Never really considered going there till now. Are you a solo traveller? What advice would you give as a woman who likes to travel on her own?

    1. Thank you and yes I am actually. I would tell anyone but especially women to travel by themselves at some point in their life. It's possible to do so and the fear you have in your head is just in your head. Just go for it and you'll come home with awesome stories to share :)

  5. These streets are an explosion of color! I wanna go there with my camera and do street photography.