24 Hour Boston Guide

February 5, 2018

Here's a first-timers guide on what to do in Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston, Massachusetts.
Filled with historic sites, charming neighborhoods, top universities, beautiful public parks for scenic strolls, a variety of museums and dining options, Boston is one of those cities you have to visit while your on the east coast! If you're a native New Yorker like I am, you may not want to see a Red Sox game while being there (Go Yankee's). Besides being a major hub for sports, there's plenty to see and do here. With a similar vibe to New York City, you're able to see much of Boston on foot.

I've actually never been to Boston before even though it is in close proximity (4 hours) to New York. I've heard many great things from family and friends who have visited in the past so I couldn't wait to check it out for myself. Since this spur of the moment road trip happened suddenly to New Hampshire, we decided to make a pit-stop in Boston before heading back to New York. If you want to see what hotel we stayed in (click here). I do recommend visiting when the weather is a bit warmer, since there's so much to and see outdoors. Here are a few things you can do during a short stay in Boston!

Freedom Trail.
If you're coming to Boston on a short stay and want to see as much as you can, do the Freedom Trail! You can best see the historic sights of Boston by walking the city’s Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail begins in Boston Commons and takes you through the historic downtown and harbor area. A red brick line guides your way, so you’ll never get lost. The walk takes you through 16 historic sites and is about 2.5 miles long. I do suggest doing this during the warmer months because in the winter was not the best. When the temperature is so low, the wind is smacking your face making it numb, it's not fun at all!

Quincy Market.
If you want to try all sorts of yummy food, this is the spot to go to! Located right next to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Quincy market offers a variety of food vendors to please anyone's taste buds. Your hardest decision will be choosing what to eat while you're there! I loved the layout and design of this place, it's beautiful decorated. While stopping by this market, there's also talented musicians that play awesome music in the dining area!

Faneuil Hall MarketPlace.
The marketplace is full of shops, restaurants and the Faneuil Hall Marketplace is known for their street performers entertaining visitors. The statue of Samuel Adams stands majestically in the front of the Marketplace. It's a great place to walk around and buy any souvenirs you may want to buy!

Mary Baker Eddy Library.
I had to make a stop here while in Boston after seeing a picture of it online. This library offers the resources and exhibits of a research library alongside the fun and excitement of an interactive museum. The Mapparium, is the exhibit I was most interested in. As a person who loves traveling, I have a huge obsession with maps. The Mapparium is a massive painted glass globe that shows a three dimensional perspective of the earth that existed in 1935. You do have to purchase tickets to enter this exhibit that can be purchased at the door. It was a really cool exhibit and recommend checking it out!

Paul Revere Park.
We actually came across this park by accident and we're glad we did! It's a great place to walk around especially with the views you get of the Zakim Bridge. It's a family friendly park, dog friendly as well, and a skateboard area.

Harvard University.
You can't come to Boston and not visit Harvard University. It's one of the most prestigious universities in the country. It was founded in 1636, which makes it the oldest university in America.
The university is located a short ride from downtown but I recommend taking the train which is only a fifteen minute ride because finding parking is annoying. The day we were there was the same day as the women's march. So of course it was crazy and hectic, the streets filled with thousands of people protesting. It was such a great atmosphere with positive people uniting together for a great cause. But as for visiting Harvard itself, you can walk throughout the campus and admire the old architecture but you can also have guided tour if you want as well. 

Boston Commons.
Boston Common is like the Central Park of Boston. You get a park vibe with the city buildings surrounding it. I'm sure this place is stunning in the Spring, Summer, and Fall but while we were there, it was too cold too really appreciate it. You would think this place would be empty while the temperature was this low but it was pretty packed with people walking around.

I definitely would want to come back when the temperature is warmer to do and see more of this charming city. I'm hoping to do more road trips this year and explore more cities around the east coast. As much as I love traveling abroad, I miss doing road trips with loved ones. This trip gave me tons of laughs and new memories that I will treasure forever. Check out my youtube video below to see how my trip was in video form!

YouTube Video.

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  1. I loved this post and the video at the end! Looks like such a cool place to visit

  2. Boston is a great city.. missed the library when i went a few years ago but will make sure i visit when i go again this year. Thanks for sharing 😊

    1. Yes you def have to check it out on your next visit!

  3. One of my favourite cities in the world! You highlighted all the best places. Loved it.

    1. Thank you! Boston is an amazing place, can't wait to go back :)

  4. Once you go there 24 hours are not gonna be enough to enjoy everything. Loving the candy apple.
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