Party Bus Around NYC

February 10, 2018 New York, NY, USA

New York City Party Bus

Have you ever been on a Colombian party bus? If not, continue reading this post to find out more!

It was a family member's 50th birthday and we were invited to celebrate on a Colombian chiva also known as a party bus. If you have never been to Colombia and been on a chiva, you may not be familiar with the concept. The party bus looks like a school bus from the outside but inside all the seats are taken out and decorated with a party atmosphere. There's a DJ playing the best songs, dancing, games and of course pit stops within the city you're located in. If you think this is like a regular party experience, you're wrong! There is no comparison, I have been to plenty regular party buses back in the day and it's not as fun experiencing a Colombian chiva. I highly recommend going one someday!

If you don't know, in the tri-state area there are many Colombians that reside in these areas. So being able to have Colombian traditions available in the United States is amazing because you're still able to feel connected to the heritage. The party bus picked us up at restaurant and it was rented out for four hours. We stopped in multiple locations around NYC and took a group photo in Long Island City. The DJ and the hype man passed out lots of party favors, made sure everyone took shots, was up dancing and having a great time. You're allowed to bring your own drinks and food. At the end of the four hours a cake was provided and a bottle of champagne. The company that was used was ChivasBarUs and they offer many packages so you'll be able to find something that fit's your budget and occasion. If you want to see a snippet of how our experience went, check out my youtube video!

Youtube Video.

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