Morocco's Hidden Gem // Tetouan, Morocco

March 5, 2018

Looking for a Moroccan city that is less touristy and more authentic? Look no further I found the perfect city for you to add to your itinerary.

Tetouan, Morocco.
Only an hour and half away from Tangier, the beautiful city of Tetouan is where you need to stop during your Moroccan vacation. The city offers the best of both worlds,  it's located at the foot of the Riff mountains but it's also a hot spot for Moroccans during the summer due to the location being on the Mediterranean coast. For those who admire amazing architecture Tetouan is worth visiting just to see the mix of Moroccan and AndalucĂ­an architecture.

Tetouan was my last day trip before my Morocco trip came to an end and couldn't of wanted it any other way! I was actually invited to visit a vacation home of a friend to have couscous and also check out the beaches. I would have never known about this city otherwise because it's not really popular as many other Moroccan cities. I really loved the vibe of this small town and even though I didn't get to stay long I definitely would come back and explore some more.

Martil is a small town, where the vacation home was located. After getting off the taxi, we walked around the town and I loved how there was a free beach just in the centre of the town. The beach boulevard is full of little boutiques, vendors and restaurants. The vibe in Martil is very relaxed and calm in general. It kind of reminded me a bit of Greece with all the white buildings and pop of blue. In summer time most of its people consist of people from outside towns, so there is a lot of things going on all the time especially at night as I'm told.

Cabo Negro.
Although Martil has a wonderful beach, I highly recommend visiting Cabo Negro. Only a 10 minute taxi drive you will find long beautiful beach with a great ambiance. It's a beach resort and known to be the most modern and exclusive in the area. You're able to rent umbrella chairs if you want, there's plenty of people selling all kinds of snacks, there's water sport activities available, henna artists, and hookah rentals. You'll find people of all ages and families there enjoying time in the sun and cooling off by the water.

Visit the Medina.
Tetouan’s medina is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Though it is smaller than those of larger cities, Tetouan’s medina has been largely untouched, making it an authentic site to visit. There's different sections of the medina such aa Andalusian, Jewish and Berber. This smaller medina means fewer opportunities to getting lost and being hassled while shopping as opposed to to more larger ones.

Exploring the Town.

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  1. Your photos are incredible! I loved reading about your trip. I hope to visit myself one day. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Beautiful description ...aided by lovely pics..the town certainly looks awesome..
    Thank you .

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  5. What a beautiful trip!! Always wanted to visit Morocco.

  6. Tour pictures are amazing and I love the henna tattoo.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Loved the henna tattoo as well. Morocco has been on my bucket list for long

  8. that Africa? It's too beautiful....perhaps, I'm just struck by the beauty of everything.

    Thank you for sharing, Stephanie!

    Much love.

    1. Yes it is. There's beauty everywhere, especially here in Morocco!

  9. Love the place.
    Very beautifully explained. I wish i could visit someday.
    Heena tattoo and other pictures are so beautiful.

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  12. Thanks for sharing! Definitely need to add these to our list of places to visit next time we go to Morocco! We only were able to visit Marrakech during our visit to Morocco, but enjoyed a couple of day trips to the Atlas Mountains area.