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February 2, 2017

Hey guys! I recently had the opportunity to receive another Influenster voxbox! This time around I received the the Bite Beauty Voxbox which came with beauty products. If you're not familiar with influenster, LISTEN UP (or just keep scrolling down haha)!

What is Influenster?

Influnester is a website where anyone can sign up for FREE! Yes it's free, with no strings attached that relates to using credit cards or paying for shipping and handling. All you have to do in return is review what they send and give your honest opinion. I've actually have been using this website for many years and love the products that they send. For more information (click here) to be directed to their website!

What's inside the Bite Beauty VoxBox?
  • Bite Beauty Honeycomb Lipstick
  • Bite Beauty 020 Lip Pencil
  • Bite Beauty Whiskey Lipstick
  • Bite Beauty 044 Lip Pencil
  • Lip Pencil Sharpener
Bite Beauty Product Reviews.
  • Bite Beauty Honeycomb Lipstick & 020 Lip Pencil- I'm obsessed with this nude shade color. Both products are very creamy and long lasting on the lips. The lipstick is not drying at all and has a satin finish.
  • Bite Beauty Whiskey Lipstick & 044 Lip Pencil- This a nice deep burgundy shade. The lip pencil is slightly lighter than the lipstick but works well together. 
  • The formula is very creamy and long lasting and this color definitely makes a bold statement. There are 22 neutral shades in this collection which can be found in Sephora! I really enjoyed the formula of these lip products and would like to try more of their different shades.
 Lip Pencil Swatches.

 Bite Beauty 020 Lip Pencil (bottom), Bite Beauty 044 Lip Pencil (top)
 Bite Beauty Honeycomb (bottom), Bite Beauty Whiskey Lipstick (top)
020 Lip Pencil, Honeycomb Lipstick (bottom), Bite Beauty Whiskey Lipstick, Bite Beauty 044 Lip(top)

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Have you tried influenster before?

Until the next post!
-WanderlustBeautyDreams ♡ 

*I received these items at no charge in exchange for testing and product reviews.*

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