5 Tips on How to Stay Organized in 2018

January 7, 2018 New York, NY, USA

5 Tips on How to Stay Organized in 2018

It's a new year and it's time to get your life organized. I know you maybe thinking, here we go again with the cheesy new years resolutions post. But seriously, setting these intentions in the beginning can help you throughout the year and guide you through your goals!

Your state of mind coming into the new year is what's going to be the foundation of how you want it go. We all have aspirations, goals, and resolutions that we want to accomplish but it all boils down to organization. Goals don't work unless you do, does this saying ring a bell to you? We've heard it a million times but let it sink in. Make this year different and actually get things done that you've set out to do. You can say you want to do this and want to do that but it won't happen if you aren't organized and have a plan. Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction:

Get a Planner.
In last year's how to stay organized post (click here), I mentioned using a planner but I think this is just very essential. Having a place to write down reminders, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly is super important when trying to stay organized and on top of things. I found this year's planner at Marshall's for $5.99 and love how compact it is compared to the one I had last year. If I had any artistic abilities I would've been on the bullet journaling bandwagon. But if you have a fun artsy side to you, you can create your own personalized planner for free. For me personally, I was never a planner kind of girl. I would always just remind myself to do something on a certain date but let's be real, I would always forget. Having to write things down keeps me accountable which has helped me tremendously. When the year is over, you can look back on your planner and actually see the progress, accomplishments, and goals you had scratched off throughout the twelve months and reflect!

Clean Out Your Phone.
It's a new year so clean out last year's clutter from your phone. Do you really need those 10,000 photos on your phone? Why haven't looked through those hundreds of emails yet? Do you really need all those apps? The answer is no! I know I'm guilty of this and I'm always get that annoying pop up notification of having limited storage. It's time to back up your beloved photos from your phone to your computer, iCloud, or whatever you use to save your memories. Make space on your phone for new memories in 2018. Go through your emails, and delete everything you don't need. Start unsubscribing to newsletters, websites, or anything you don't even open up anymore. You don't need unnecessary junk emails taking up space. Now you're one step closer to cleaning out our phone, but don't forget deleting useless apps! If you haven't used a certain app in a couple of months, it's time to let it go.

Scheduling Time With Loved Ones.
As were thinking about personal goals to accomplish for the year, don't forget about others around you. I know it may be difficult to juggle your work life, working on your goals, having a social life, working out and whatever else is on your schedule but it's important to keep up with relationships. Everyone has different schedules and has a lot of things going on in their lives so it's important to make time to see your loved ones. In a world were we are constantly connected by technology as in social media and texting, we can sometimes put getting together on the back burner because we feel like were caught up with everyone through their daily posts and photos. Nothing beats spending that one on one time with your friends and family. Time is something you can't get back so make sure you make time for the people who matter in your life.

Making Lists.
Whether you use post its, an old notebook, your phone's notes, or buying a dedicated to-do pad making lists are another essential way to stay organized. I know you might be thinking, can't you use just combine this with your planner? Well yes you can, depending how much space your planner has you can make lists there but I find having a separate space to make lists keeps things more organized.  I've become a list enthusiast in every aspect of my life. Whether it's making sure you buy what you need at the grocery store, prioritizing your work tasks, or keeping track of your workout reps, these lists are helpful. Nothing can beat that satisfying feeling of crossing off something off a list, am I right or am I right?

Clear Your Mind.
Life gets in the way, it's okay to take some much needed me-time. Go for a walk, listen to a podcast, watch a couple of hours of Netflix, go hiking, take a trip somewhere, go to a spa, have a couple of drinks, or treat yourself to a nice meal. We all need to clear out our minds and thoughts at some point. You can't accomplish anything if your mind is not right and it okay to just shutdown.

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