How To Plan a Successful Girls Trip | Bali, Indonesia

August 15, 2016 Bali, Indonesia

How To Plan a Successful Girls Trip

Here are some helpful tips on planning a successful girls trip!

How to Plan a Girls Trip.
As much as I like to do solo travel around the world, a good girl's trip is always needed in between trips! I met a girl on a tour group that I went on and we just really bonded quickly on our love of traveling. A few months later we decided to plan a trip to Bali for two and half weeks and invited two other girls to join the fun as well. Having four girls, four different personalties, four different opinions, it can be a lot to handle and meet everyone's needs. Girl's trips are so much fun because it the perfect time to let loose, reconnect, and destress. Here is a full proof list of things to consider while planning your girl's trip wherever it might be around the globe!

Choosing Your Girls.
Whether you're going on a weekend getaway or a week long vacation, choosing the right people to go on the trip is very important. Having like minded individuals who want to do the same thing, have similar personalities, and have the same attitude will make the trip more enjoyable. You don't want to have a group that doesn't mesh well together and have different types of traveling styles to have conflict during the trip. You want to have as much fun as possible and make the trip very memorable so choose wisely when planning your trip!

How To Plan a Successful Girls Trip

Picking a Destination.
Once picking your girls, this is one of the most important parts of planning your trip is picking your destination. Deciding where to go can be difficult but by narrowing down the destination to at least five choices, your group of girls can vote on where to go. Keep in mind the time of year (season and weather), how long do you guys plan to stay there, and what type of trip do you want it to be (party, culture, or relaxing).

For this particular girl's trip the destination that was decided on was Bali, Indonesia. We all wanted to see and do as much as possible for the duration of our trip. We wanted the trip to be a mixture of experiencing the culture, relaxing by the beach, and also checking out the night-life. Bali has everything to fulfill everyone's needs on a vacation especially a girl's trip!

Bali, Indonesia

Finding Accommodations.
Okay, you have your destination picked out but now it's time to decide what type of accommodation does everyone want to stay in. Depending what season or destination you choose, that can be the deciding factor on the prices of accommodation. In high season most hotels and resorts will be significantly priced higher. In low season, you can stay at hotels and resorts for much cheaper. Also keeping in mind how many girl's are coming on the trip, you have to figure out what places are available that can accommodate your group.  Here are some questions to ask your girls when looking for the perfect place, Do you want to stay together in one room or split up in different rooms? Do you want to stay in one accommodation during the whole trip or stay in multiple accommodations? Do you want to stay centrally or a bit farther out? Do you prefer staying in a hostel, hotel, resort, airbnb, villa, or apartment? Once you figure out that out, do some research and narrow down your options.

Since our girl's trip was for two and a half weeks, we mapped out all the places we wanted to see and stay at. Like I mentioned before, we wanted to do as much as we could during our stay. Our goal was to  stay in different locations and have unique experiences in each place. We visited three different cities and one island that had an array of accommodations. We were centrally located in Kuta near the beach, we stayed in the middle of a rice field in Ubud, we splurged on a five star resort in Jimbaran, we stayed in a beachfront hotel in Gili Trawangan, and had our own private villa in Seminyak. As you can see we had a different types of accommodation throughout our trip which made the experience so much fun and gained tons of memories. If you want a more detailed post on each accommodation, I have left links below each photo!

Airbnb in Indonesia

Airbnb in Kuta (click here)

AYANA Resort & Spa Bali Indonesia

AYANA Resort & Spa in Jimbaran (click here)

Airbnb in Bali Indonesia

Airbnb in Ubud (click here)

Bali Indonesia

Hotel Ombak Sunset in Gili Trawangan (click here)

Airbnb in Seminyak (click here)

Discuss Trip Expenses.
Before booking anything, everyone has to be on the same page when it comes to finances. Everyone has different financial obligations and priorities in their lives, so it's definitely important not to make any assumptions about what people can or cannot afford. This is why researching how much accommodations, flights, activities relatively cost and also keep in mind currency conversion if you're traveling abroad. Being candid and honest with one another is crucial so everyone feels comfortable when going forward on this girl's trip. Having a budget and sticking to it will help make this trip less stressful. The last thing you want is for someone to be put in the awkward position of paying more than they want to or can manage.

My friend and I were the ones that did the bookings for accommodations. I had paid for two accommodations and she paid for three on our cards. What we did since we all didn't live near each other was splitting the cost of each accommodation's total four ways so it was equal between the four of us. We sent each other what was owed through an app called Venmo, which allows you to send money no matter what bank you have to your account. Since our accommodations was the main financial part of our trip that was being split, having more people on the trip can lower those expenses a lot! No matter how your group decides to configure finances and splitting things up make sure everyone agrees. We also estimated how much transportation between cities will be and booked certain activities in advance online. Also the earlier you book your trip, the longer you have time to save money, figure out ways to pay the trip off, and make extra money.

How To Plan a Successful Girls Trip

Book Your Flights.
Now that you have a budget and accommodation options, it's time to start looking at flights. Nothing is more official once you book your ticket. But before this happens make sure to coordinate with your girls first. Here's a few questions to keep in mind before officially booking your flight, Will you be on the same flight? Are you meeting at the airport? Are you going to meet at your accommodation? Will you be arriving earlier or later than everyone else? The plane ticket is usually the most expensive part of your trip so also keep that in mind in your budget.

Since the other three girls live in California and I live in New York we couldn't possibly be on the same flight. They had booked their flights first so then I searched up flights that can revolve around theirs so we would be arriving at the same time in Bali. Since there's no direct flights to Bali from where we are situated we had to have layovers. I actually did find a flight that would make be on the same flight as theirs but it would cost more money and it had additional layovers for me which was not worth it at the end. So the flight I ended up booking for a cheaper price had the same layover in Taiwan. So we met up at the Taiwan airport until our flights boarded to Bali. We arrived in Bali around the same time and met at baggage claim before starting our adventure!

Airplane Window Seat

Plan an Itinerary.
Your flights and accommodation are finally booked, now it's time to plan an itinerary. By no means do I suggest having a minute by minute itinerary sheet sent to all the girls but have an idea of things to do. I would suggest having a group chat and having every one's input on what activities each person would like to do and find a way to spread it out during your trip. Also looking up any fun restaurants, bars, spas, or excursions to keep in mind while you're there. Keeping an open mind as well to other's interests and also an open schedule since recommendations from locals or other travelers may come up. If you want to see a full detailed post on what to do in each city that we visited in Bali- Kuta (click here), Jimbaran (click here), Ubud (click here), Gili Trawangan (click here), and Seminyak (click here).

Mt Batur Bali Indonesia

How To Plan a Successful Girls Trip

How To Plan a Successful Girls Trip

Have Fun.
Pack your bags and enjoy your trip! What's the point of a vacation with friends if you don't have fun? Let your hair down, dance like no one's watching, drink pretty cocktails, relax at a spa, go shopping, work on your tan, and eat your way through wherever you are. Calories don't count on vacation, just saying! All the laughs and memories will last forever and you will be wanting to book another girl's trip soon!

Girls Trip to Bali Indonesia

Indonesia beer

How To Plan a Successful Girls Trip

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  1. I'v always wanted to go on a girls trip! It sounds like so much fun! Bali looks like a great place for a girls trip.

  2. Wonderful list of tips! I really want to go on a girls trip with my friends, sadly though it might not happen for a while as both of them live in different states and it is hard for them to save.

    1. Thank you so much! Hopefully your girls trip can happen someday :)

  3. It sounds like you four had a wonderful time in Bali! Traveling with friends is fun. It's a bit easier to do when people are young or at least single. I travel with my family most of the time and love it! But I did take a couple of trips with my friends leaving my husband at home with our son.

    Your tips on panning are fantastic! You covered the most important moments. Discussing upfront all the preferences and planning finances will save stress and prevent conflicts during the trip.

    Great article and beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed visiting your site.

    Happy traveling,

    ~ Julia

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you found my article helpful!

  4. A girls trip would be amazing! I need to start planning one. I hadn’t considered all aspects of one, but your post has given me a lot of insight. I will be much better prepared for an amazing vacation after reading this!

    1. So glad to hear this, hope your girls trip is amazing!

  5. We are planning my first girls trip soon! I'll keep all your tips in mind. BTW lovely photos dear! ☺

  6. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and make me want to go to Bali. Every year, my sisters-in-law and I have a girl trip, I will mention Bali to them

  7. I enjoy girl’s trip myself! Thanks for the tips, helps to make my future trip easier!

    Also, Bali looks beautiful! Hopefully I can go there soon! :)

  8. Great tips right here. Mrs is going on a girls trip to the Bahamas in a few days and she's so over the moon about it.
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Some of the pictures were amazing! I don't get to travel much anymore but there was a time in my early 20s when I traveled with a friend. It was just the two of us and we had such a limited budget that we spent the last night on the beach! lol. Still, I would think something like this would be fun but I think it would just be with my kids. I can't imagine going someplace and leaving them behind.

  10. I wish I have friends that like trips away like this. I would be travelling once in every 2 years. I love this plan.

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