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April 30, 2015

affordable mirrored sunglasses ebay

I'm seriously OBSESSED with colored mirrored sunglasses at the moment. My collection is steadily growing especially since summer is coming up! 

I mean lets be honest, can we really have enough sunglasses in our collection? (I don't think so haha!) I have a mix of low and high end sunglasses in my collection. Mirrored sunglasses became super popular in the last year. Many brands came out with fun different colors this year but who really has to the money to buy all different colored designer sunglasses? (I know I don't!) You can find cheaper version of fun sunglasses on EBAY! Yep, all these sunglasses are from ebay and range from $6-11.00 with free shipping. If you don't want to ruin your expensive sunglasses at the beach or on a vacation, buying cheap sunglasses like these are a great alternative. It's fun and very fashionable and look amazing with any outfit!

ebay mirrored affordable sunglasses

mirrored ebay sunglasses affordable

mirrored glasses ebay affordable

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What is your favorite type of sunglasses to wear?

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