April 12, 2015 New York, NY, USA

The infamous International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) was this weekend! I've been attending IMATS ever since it came to New York City back in 2011. I've met so many beauty vloggers and bloggers over the years through this event and it's something I always look forward to every year! Each year IMATS gets bigger and bigger and this year was no exception. If you have no idea what I'm talking about let me break it down for you.

The international makeup artist trade show is an event that is held in multiple cities across the globe which include Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, London, Toronto, and Sydney. IMATS is a three day event which starts on Friday for professional makeup artists only. Saturday and Sunday are held for the general public. So you don't have to be a professional makeup artist or in the field to attend. There are a multitude of makeup vendors, panels, special effects artistry at the venue to attend to every makeup enthusiast's needs. There are great discounts on makeup at IMATS that you might not get elsewhere but it does depend vendor to vendor. If you planning on attending this event in the future, you MUST buy your ticket months in advance. They usually have presale period where you can buy your ticket and this is usually when tickets sell quickly. Like I said in the beginning of this blog post, each year gets bigger and bigger where more people find out about it and tickets sell out quickly. This year Saturday tickets were already sold out since January. New York City IMATS is usually in the month of April if you were wondering. My friend and I have been going together to every IMATS since it started. We had no choice to buy a Sunday ticket.

My advice to anyone who is planning to attend is to arrive EARLY! The earlier you're there, the quicker you can get your shopping done. Throughout the day the lines get super long and vendors can sell out of products. Both my friend and I had a list of things we wanted to buy so we went to those vendors first. I didn't go too crazy this year! If you see my makeup collection you would understand why (haha). I also recommend making a list of what you REALLY need because it's easily to spend a lot of money being surround by makeup heaven! The following are the products I purchased at IMATS:

  • Bioderma- This product was at the Beautylish stand. I've heard of Bioderma from many beauty vloggers and bloggers throughout the past two years. This product is not sold in the United States, only in France. They had three packages to pick from and two formulas to choose from as well. They had a sensitive and combination skin formulas which was great. I went for the sensitive skin formula and bought a 500ml bottle with a 100 ml travel size bottle for $19.95. One 500 ml bottle of Bioderma usually is $25-30 on Amazon. This will definitely last me a very long time!
  • Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush- This was price at $16.80 at IMATS but usually retails between $24-28 on the Sigma Beauty website. This brush is one of their top selling makeup brushes. This is a great brush to buff if your foundation or powder into the skin.
  • Kara Lashes +L.A Girl Pro Concealer- There many lash vendors at IMATS but I found the Lady Moss Beauty had the best deal. Kara Lashes were $13.00 for 10 pairs!! I'm a huge lash fan so I definitely stocked up there! I bought doubles of the styles I liked most. They also sold L.A Girl Pro concealers and I've heard such great reviews on this product from many makeup artists. These concealers are compared to the MAC pro long wear concealer and they were only $6.00 each! I got a light and darker shade, they had so many shades to choose from!
  • Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Tarte Blush- Last but not least, this blush was only $10.00!! Tarte blushes usually retail for $26.00 and I could not pass up this deal. I had to add this to my blush collection! I got the shade 'glisten' which is a beautiful peachy color. I can't wait to wear it especially in the summer.
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