Yummy Must Have: Georgetown Cupcake

March 18, 2015 Washington, DC, USA

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After sightseeing in Washington, D.C (click here) to read full blog post, my cousin and I decided to make a quick stop in Georgetown for some cupcakes. It was a short fifteen minute drive and I just fell in love with the area. I loved seeing colorful buildings, wonderful architecture, and just overall I was digging the vibe of Georgetown.

If you didn't know already, Georgetown Cupcake is a popular show on the TLC television network. Two sisters are the co-founders of this successful store and have expanded their business into new locations over the past couple of years. 

Georgetown Cupcake provides an array of flavors to meet every one's taste buds and needs. Of course the line that extended to the street was a good indicator that the fifteen minute drive was totally worth it. I was beyond excited to try these out for the very first time! I couldn't decide what to get of course so logically I chose six flavors to try out. Honestly, these were the best cupcakes I ever tried. Each and every one of those cupcakes had such rich flavor, perfectly moist, and not too sweet. 

My mouth is actually watering while I'm typing this up (I'm craving one now). The customer service was great, the ambiance was very cute, and the cupcakes were reasonably priced.  So if you're ever in Washington D.C make sure you stop by Georgetown Cupcake to fulfill your cupcake craving!

georgetown cupcakes where to eat in washington d.c

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