Day Trip to Washington D.C!

March 17, 2015 Washington, DC, USA

capitol hill washington d.c

My cousin and I decided to take a break from New York and head down to Washington, D.C for the day! Surprisingly, I've never visited Washington, D.C before. I think I might have missed this particular school trip when I was younger, oops. If you ever visiting Washington D.C during a quick day trip, here are the must see places to see!

Not only is Washington, D.C the capitol of the United States, but it's rich in so much history! I couldn't wait to explore and see what the capitol had to offer. After an early four hour drive we made it to D.C safely. We decided to leave the car in a parking garage a few blocks away from the main attractions so we didn't have to worry about feeding meters or parking tickets. Then we began to explore the city of Washington D.C and this is what we saw!

The White House.
This is by far one of the most visited landmarks in Washington, D.C. Even though it was a Monday morning, there were many people here visiting, especially kids on school trips. Plenty of people trying to take the perfect 'selfie' or just admiring it's beauty, it's definitely a must see when visiting this beautiful city.

white house washington d.c

Washington Monument
This landmark is beautiful to see in day or at night. There is endless photo opportunities in in this area! Later we found out you can go inside and take an elevator to an observatory deck and museum which you needed to purchase tickets for.
washington monument washington d.c

National World War II Memorial
Words can't describe how beautiful this memorial is!  The fountain and the beautiful columns surrounding both sides of the fountain were breathtaking. This is located right across the the street from the Washington Monument. I really enjoyed walking around and just taking in the beauty and of course snapping endless photos away.

national world war II memorial washington d.c

The Lincoln memorial looks beautiful during the day and at night. I prefer it at night because the lighting just makes everything look very opulent. The crowds are about the same at both times but I do recommend seeing the memorial at different times of the day!
washington d.c at night photography

washington d.c must see attractions

I was just in awe being inside the Lincoln memorial. The architecture was breathtaking and just absolutely beautiful. Once you see a spot to take your picture, grab your chance because there is always a line/crowd waiting to take a picture.

night time photography washington d.c

Capitol Building
The capitol building was one of the last stops we made for the day and it was stunning. It's currently undergoing restoration but nonetheless a great place to visit anyway! On the opposite side of the building, there's a reflecting pool which has a great view of the Washington monument as well. I couldn't help but sit back and enjoy the view while the sun was setting!
capitol building washington d.c

sunset washington d.c

My cousin and I enjoyed our day in Washington, D.C and definitely fell in love with the city. I would come back in a heartbeat to explore what we couldn't see and more! We saw so much throughout the day we were so exhausted by the time we had to depart from this wonderful city to head back home. We did make a quick stop in Georgetown which I will talk about more in my next post. 

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