Canon PowerShot G7X Review

September 6, 2017 New York, NY, USA

Canon G7X Review, Canon G7X Camera Review, Latina Tech Reviewer,

Here's my Canon G7x camera review!

Canon G7X Review.

Canon's most popular point and shoot camera, the G7X model, is a compact point and shoot camera with advanced capabilities. It's the first Canon camera to have a large 1-inch CMOS sensor and it's small enough to store in your pockets. The Canon G7X competes with the Sony RX100 Mark III and the Panasonic's LX100 cameras. It's a very user friendly camera to navigate with all it's modes and functions. The LCD screen is touchscreen which also makes things function smoothly and fast when setting your photo/video scene. The flip up screen is what makes the camera stand out from the rest and to which made this an insanely popular camera amongst the most viewed youtube vloggers.

Although the Canon G7x is under the G series of cameras, there's been controversy with camera enthusiasts that say it's not up to par with any of the G series camera lineup. It doesn't have many traditional dials and extras that the G series have been known for. If you're not familiar with Canon G series cameras, it's more higher end/pro style.

The Canon Powershot G7x has sharp colors and image detail, fast aperture, large zoom, good low-light performance all in a compact camera. I would say it's great for any novice photographer/vlogger to even having this as a back up camera for any professional on the field. 


The Canon Powershot G7X retails for $699. You can purchase directly from the Canon website or Best Buy stores. I think it's priced for right for those who want better quality photos from using their smartphone but don't want to get a professional DSLR camera. You get great features for such a small camera!

Spec Info.

  • 20MP 1"type BSI CMOS senor (13.2x8.8mm)
  • 24-100mm equiv F1.8-2.8 lens
  • Flip up rear touchscreen
  • Clicking control dial around lens
  • Built in ND filter
  • Wifi with NFC
  • 3.0" 1.04m dot LCD
  • Built in flash

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Canon G7X review, Canon camera review, Latina tech reviewer,

My Thoughts.

I added the Canon PowerShot G7X to my gear after seeing quite a few popular youtubers use this as their primary vlogging camera setup. I'm not a vlogger but I thought this was such a unique camera with the screen flipping upwards for filming or taking photos.  I wanted to use this as my secondary camera since I do have DSLR camera already. This was the perfect camera to carry around when going out with friends and traveling abroad. Also this made taking a selfie photo very easy. The video quality and photos that came from this camera are amazing! I think I used this camera more than my DSLR at one point because of it's size and weight, it was easier to carry around to capture fun moments. I've been a long time Canon user and this camera was very user friendly. This camera has been through the ringer with me in different climates, situations, and I'm very impressed with it's durable build.

I also love one of the modes on the camera dial that takes a few seconds of video before/after taking photos and compiles a video with all the short video clips. I didn't realize I was using that mode during a trip and to my fun surprise while looking through my memory card I found that video file. I was able to use those clips when editing videos which was great to have. I did find that the cameras battery lasted a long time for my needs but it's always great to have back up batteries if you plan to have long period of shooting!

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  1. I'm a Canon fan, and my regular DSLR is of course a Canon. But as a travel blogger, I've noticed that I've been leaning toward using my iPhone 12 Max Pro for quick point and shoot pics and video. Although nothing can replace my regular camera when I really need a zoom lens, it's good to know there's another pocket-sized option that's budget friendly.

  2. I've heard great things about this one. I use a Canon myself but have always been afraid to use one of these one shot cameras. I may have to try it!

  3. Wow, fabulous photos. I'm in the market for a new camera so this post is perfectly timed.

  4. Now that's a travel camera i want.. I had a canon powershot before and i was really satisfied with it.. Especially when taking shots of the moon.. This one looks very portable too and something you can bring on your travel (even for hiking adventure)
    Thanks for this honest review.. I will highly consider this when i buy a new camera

  5. That sounds like a good camera to bring in every travel. I love this brand because they really produce great products. I will check this camera,thank you!

  6. Nifty looking camera. Love the size. It is small but packed with awesome features. I have a Canon DSLR but would love to have a small pocket sized camera I can take with me anywhere. I think this Canon G7x is perfect for that.

  7. I’m thinking of getting a new camera and couldn’t decide whether I’d get Canon or Sony. You’ve convinced me to go for Canon.

    1. I'm glad to hear this review helped you in your decision!

  8. Such a great review! I love canon cameras. Although I haven't had a point and shoot in a long time. I have two Canon DSLRs though. But if I ever get a point and shoot, something other than using my phone, I will definitely get a Canon!

  9. What a great camera! Definitely has a lot of fantastic features. A good camera is a must for travel.

  10. The pictures looks amazing and so clear. That's a good purchase and definitely worth for a long run.

    Fransic -

  11. I love the pictures. I`ve been meaning to buy this camera!

  12. Wow! I love the photo quality of Canon PowerShot G7X. Seems like a great camera. Hope I can try it too.

    1. I love the photo quality, especially for this size of camera!

  13. This is timely! I am getting tired of bringing my DSLR and is actually planning of getting a small camera. Thank you for sharing your review. I think the price is reasonable and will surely consider this.

  14. This may be a spacegood camera for me to get for my water pictures

  15. Looks like an awesome camera! I am actually in the market for a new one!

  16. These pictures turned out sooo good! What a great camera. I'm definitely a huge Canon fan!

  17. Ah! I'm in the market for a new camera, but I'm considering a mirrorless one. It's so hard to decide!

  18. Wow this camera is such a great price for so many features and incredible photos! I'm tempted to add it to my collection!