San Gennaro Festival // Little Italy

September 17, 2017

It's that time of year again, the San Gennaro festival is back! I love coming here every year and stuffing my face with delicious Italian food.

If you're not familiar with the San Gennaro festival, it's an eleven day event that happens annually to salute to the protector and Patron Saint of Naples, Italy. This year the festival runs through Thursday, September 14th- Sunday, September 24th! Little Italy in Manhattan shuts down multiple streets and holds one of the most visited festivals in New York City. This festival has many activities going on, variety of food vendors, drink stations, live entertainment, restaurant dining, beer gardens, contests, shopping, and carnival games for everyone of any age to enjoy. Make sure you go with an empty stomach so you can chow down as much delicious food as possible! Here are a few photos that I took during my visit this year

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Have you ever been to a San Gennaro festival?

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  1. Yes. This is completely true.
    One thing I enjoy most about this festival is the food-- trust me, you can beat that.

  2. This is one event that gets me traveling down to NY every year. I can't just miss it for anything!