Granada Travel Guide // Spain

May 11, 2018

If you haven't explored Southern Spain yet, what's wrong with you? Granada is a must see stop in Spain. Here are few recommendations to change your mind and incorporate Granada on your trip's itinerary!

Granada. España.
Granada is located in Spain's Andalusia region at the foothill of the highest mountain in Europe, the Sierra Nevada. If you're not familiar with Granada's history let me break it down for you, this city dates back since 5500 B.C. The Moors ruled Granada for centuries and you can see that Arabic influence everywhere. European and Muslim cultures blend in this incredible city that creates that unique vibe. You can definitely tell once your there, it reflects on the architecture, food, but also the culture.

Departing Ibiza and on our way to Granada, I couldn't wait to see what this city had in store. There was something about this city that I just instantly connected to, I don't what it was but I just felt at home here. First off, our hotel was absolutely dreamy and perfect in every way. I have all the info on where to stay in Granada, as you continue to read this post! The culture in this part of Spain was my favorite, it's very different from what you get in the most touristy cities like Barcelona and Madrid. The vibe of this city is very laid back but lively at the same time with it's culture.

We had a walking tour with out lovely local guide Paco, and he was the funniest guide I ever met. He was very informative when sharing the history of this city and also sharing fun facts of the places he showed us. Two days wasn't enough for me, I could've stayed here way longer. That just means I need to come back soon. Here are some recommendations on what to do whenever your visiting Granada, if this post doesn't convince you, I don't know what will!

Visit the Alhambra.
The Alhambra is one of Granada's main attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reason. Once you walk in you are stunned with amazing Moorish architecture, gorgeous gardens, detailed art, and jay dropping views of the city. You can honestly stay there for hours wandering around and admiring everything. I do recommend getting your tickets in advance since many visitors tend to come to Granda just for the Alhambra. There are guides to take you around and give you a more in depth look of it's history or you can just go around by yourself.

Walk Around The Albayzín.
Narrow maze like streets make up the Albayzin. You can find many hidden quaint streets but the best part is the amazing lookout of the city! This neighborhood was built on hill and you're also able to see the Alhambra from here. You can dine in the many cafes/restaurants there, stroll pass the small souk, shop the local market, or just sit and take in the amazing views.

Street Art.
There are awesome street art throughout this city that is gorgeous! As a New Yorker, I can appreciate some good street art and loved the pops of color and detailing of murals while I was exploring around. Don't forget to snap a picture when you see some street art, it's a fun backdrop for photos!

Granada Cathedral.
The Capilla Real dates back to 1521 and houses the tombs to Spain's Catholic monarchs. The architecture on the outside is impressive but on the inside it's on another level! I suggest visiting this cathedral when in Granada.

Dining Experience.
Granada has an eclectic food selection scene and I was obsessed! If you want to give tapas/Spanish food a rest for a bit, you need to go to the many Arab restaurants located in this city! I've mentioned before that prior to going on this Spain trip, I was actually in Morocco for a bit. I came across this one restaurant that made me feel like I was already back. A friend and I decided to have lunch here and would highly recommend checking it out! From the decor, the service, and food, Grupo Meknes restaurant did not disappoint. If you can't make it to Morocco, this restaurant will give those vibes all the way!

City Walks.
On foot there's so much to see from the city center to the little shops. The Alcaiceria and Kasbah are my favorite little alleyways with tons of shops. I'm a huge supporter of buying things from locals and here is where to go and do that. There's so many beautiful, unique things here and I wanted to buy literally everything. Too bad my suitcase didn't have that much room because I think I would've shopped till I dropped here. 

One of my favorite hotels that we stayed in during the Spain trip had to be this one! I have a full detailed blog post on this hotel so (click here) if you want to know more about this accommodation!

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  1. Incredible photos - you've got a great eye for photography! I was in Spain a number of years ago with family, but we went to Madrid and Barcelona. This looks like a great reason to return!! The street art looks awesome, as does the cathedral. Lots to see :)

    1. Thank you so much for that compliment! Yes you have to go back soon :)

  2. Oh, these pictures!!! Granada was a stop in the Spain road trip itinerary we planned right before I found out I was pregnant! still dreaming to go there one day!

    1. Oh wow, hopefully you can bring your child with you guys the next time you go!

  3. Awesome architectures!! These pictures are so beautiful and amazing. Granada seems like perfect and interesting holiday destination.

    1. Thank you Anjali, Granada is for sure a go to destination!

  4. I so wanna visit Granada for its amazing culture and food and the Alhambra is definitely on the list.

  5. Granada looks wonderful, your photography was beautiful. Spain is amazing and I would've to return to explore this area.

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