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March 12, 2017

It is no secret that I'm obsessed with book Me Before You, so I was extremely excited to read the sequel After You! This book is equally as powerful but for different reasons and perspectives. If you haven't read Me Before You (though why haven't you?), go to your nearest bookstore to pick up a copy! Read my review for Me Before You (click here) before reading spoilers.
The Plot.
It's been 18 months since Will's death, Louisa did what she had promised him. She stepped out of her comfort zone and travelled, went to Paris and even got an apartment in London. Her adventures didn't last long and she ended up working at at bar at the airport. She doesn't have much of a life outside her job, and instead of living her life, she is stuck in a depression rut. So when she fall off the roof of her apartment building and basically breaking every bone in her body, nobody believes it was just an accident but an attempted suicide. Two unexpected people enter Louisa's life due to this freak accident, a paramedic named Sam and a rebellious sixteen year old teenager named Lily... who comes out of the woodwork and announces that she's Will's daughter.

Louisa takes Lily under her wing out of love for Will, both wanting to protect her for Will's sake and, for her own sake, to hold onto the last little bit of Will left in the world. She also agreed to go to a support group Moving On Circle, where she slowly learns to open up and her struggles with her grieving process. Though she was reluctant at first about joining the support group, she began to realize it was one of the best outlets for her to express her emotions with people who have dealt with a loss of a loved one. Sam was also a key factor on her journey, who also understood loosing someone close to you as well as showing there is still life after a loss.

These new relationships start to give Louisa a renewed sense of purpose. Louisa's friend Nathan offers her a potential job opportunity in New York City, with a chance to start over and launch a real career and fresh new start. Lou is always hesitant to change and is contemplating whether or not she should stay where she is comfortable or embark on this new adventure.

Book Review.
Grief isn't easy. It's a process that is dealt differently by everyone. There is no one way to deal with grief and I think that's one of the main messages that Jojo Moyes was portraying in this novel. The new found money left by Will and also the adventures he wanted Louisa to pursue wasn't an easy fix. Recovery takes time, and a lost love can never be forgotten or replaced. In Louisa's journey, she allowed herself the time she needed to grieve, rediscover who she is as a person, and to move forward in her life with strength and a sense of purpose.

I loved Louisa and Lily's relationship, they needed each other to get through their respected rough stages in their lives. I also enjoyed reading the humorous dynamics of Lou's family that we got a taste of in Me Before You but their personalities shined through in this book for sure. Jojo Moyes also shined light on the dynamics of the Traynor family which I thought brought realism of what parents go through after the death of a child. Also reading Louisa allowing herself to love again was heartwarming after all that she has been through, she deserves happiness again. While finishing the book, I wanted to know more! I hope there is a follow up book in the works, it would be awesome to see where Louisa new adventure takes her and if she stays in a relationship with Sam.

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