The Fault In Our Stars

January 17, 2016

I'm starting a new series on the blog where I will be doing book reviews! I think I've read it more than 5 times and seen the movie too many times to count.What a better way to kick off the series by reviewing one of my all tie favorite books The Fault In Our Stars.

The Plot.
The Fault in Our Stars centers around two teenaged characters who are brought together in a common battle against cancer. Hazel, who narrates the book, is sixteen and has lungs so badly damaged by cancer that she must always be connected to a source of oxygen. Though drugs are currently controlling her illness, she knows that she has only years, not decades, to live. One day she attends a church-based cancer support group where she meets Augustus who is seventeen and recovering from osteosarcoma.

Hazel and Augustus immediately hit it off and begin a romance centered around Hazel’s favorite book. An Imperial Affliction by the fictional author Peter Van Houten. This book so closely describes her life and condition that she views it as her Bible, the book that best describes reality as she experiences it. Because Van Houten deliberately left the book unfinished, her dream is to go to Holland to meet him and to find closure by finding out what happened to the characters.

As she and Augustus date, we find out that Augustus has an outstanding Wish (granted by a Make-a-Wish foundation) and he uses his wish to take Hazel to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author Van Houten. They do meet him and find that he is an angry, raving alcoholic and that they will get no answers from him. Being disappointed from their meeting, they try not to let that ruin their trip.
No sooner do they return to America then Augustus finds that his cancer has returned worse than ever. Hazel stays by his side, their love growing all the while, until he dies.

Book Review.
John Green didn’t sugar coat a single sentence because, let’s face it, cancer is an ugly thing. At each turn of the page you’re forced to feel the pain of Hazel’s lungs struggling to breathe and the reality that each breath she takes could be her last.

The story is written in a breathtaking way which makes us become a part of the characters and feel the same emotions. Hazel and Augustus relationship and appeal to readers through their sense of humor and their courage is contagious. But behind this courage, both of them hide their pain to protect their families. John Green, through Hazel and Augustus, brings both: tears and laughter.

The book was amazing but the movie brought everything to life. I was hesitant to watch the movie because lets be honest, most book to film adaptations aren't the best. The movie exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are (Hazel & Augustus) through and through. I think I made everyone I know watch the movie, so if you haven't yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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