Being Adventurous | Krabi, Thailand

January 24, 2016

From being up close to elephants, swimming in natural pools, and getting tons of massages, Krabi was mixture of relaxation and being adventurous!

Krabi, Thailand.
Krabi sits on the shore of the Andaman Sea on the southern tip of Thailand. Krabi offers a sense of exclusivity and solitude and is the ideal getaway for beach bums. Away from maddening crowds, busy beach resorts, there are many activities offered at this island. It is seen as the base point to book island hopping excursions to nearby islands. Krabi boasts of some of the most photogenic sunsets in Thailand, best enjoyed from a beach side bar or restaurant. So take those cameras out and start shooting some amazing pictures of beaches!

Leaving Koh Phi Phi was bittersweet but I knew I will be back some day! Arriving in Krabi, you could immediately tell the vast difference between the previous islands. With tons of greenery and scenic views we have finally arrived to our accommodation. I liked this hotel the best out of the one's we stayed in besides the fact it was very spacious but how close to the beach, shops, and restaurants. We were greeted with drinks, fruit, and mini sandwiches before we had the rest of the day to ourselves.

This leg of the tour was pretty much free time at your leisure. There are two main beaches to visit (Ao Nang and Railay). There are massage huts and shopping centers to buy the last of your souvenirs. I found that Phuket had the best shopping so I would recommend to do most of it there, Koh Phi Phi was more expensive. We all got together for dinners and going out but pretty much had the whole day to do whatever your little heart desired. The hotel offers lots of excursions to choose from which is a fun way to explore the island and do adventurous activities. A friend and I decided to do a half day excursion that included going to the hot springs, emerald pool, and seeing elephants.

  • Krabi Hot Springs are unique “hot tubs” built into smooth rock, filled with water from deep rooted thermal springs located in volcanic chambers, and are brimming with natural mineral salts which are claimed to cure all manner of health complaints. The jacuzzi-type baths are perfect for sharing and can be filled right to the top with warm running water supplied fresh from the thermal springs. The hot springs are unusual in that they cascade, forming a waterfall that pours into a stream below.
  • Krabi Emerald Pool is a unique attraction and one place that should make your must-see list. It is located in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park and is rich in bio-diversity and complete with a nature trail and crystal pond. The forest is lush with age-old trees stretching seemingly up to the sky and limestone foothills that open on to a dazzling emerald pool. The emerald waters are wonderfully warm and crystal clear, making them wonderful for swimming in.
  • Elephant Experience- If you want to see elephants visit a elephant sanctuary. Don't ride elephants at elephant tours marketed throughout the island. To learn why it's not good to do this just google it and you'll understand why.

After our stay in Krabi we headed back to Phuket which is where the tour officially ended. If you want to read a full review on this tour (click here).

Ao-Nang Beach.

Half Day Excursion.

Railay Beach.


Last Night Out.

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  1. Thailand and elephants. I still don't know why it hasn't occurred to me yet to visit the country. I am sure adding it to my list right away.

    1. Yes, it's a beautiful country that everyone should add to their list!

  2. Really nice Feed. Seems like you had a good time in Thailand. I also love the country and to travel around there!