Reflecting on 2022

January 13, 2023

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 2022 came and went and here is a how the year went for me!


This was a good year for me in many ways! I feel like after so many difficult years, this one was different in such a positive way. There's a quote that resonates with me "even after the worst storms, the sun will shine again." I just felt such lightness, joy and fulfillment in 2022. Looking back at this year I had more smiles than tears. There were more wins than losses. So many goof things happened to me and I just can't help but to feel grateful for things looking up.

As mentioned in my reflection posts in years past, it's so easy to be caught up what went wrong in a year but it's important to take time to look back on the positives. If you want to catch up on my past reflecting posts (click here to read 2021202020192018, and 2017 reflecting posts).  Celebrate those wins big or small! So lets break 2022 down...

Personal Growth.
I kicked off 2023 with such positivity, hope and motivation. If you read my prior reflection posts, I was in a dark space. I've been really working on myself and this year my mindset was so different. I was laser focused on my goals and really made an effort to keep working towards them. I didn't hit all my goals but to scratch off majority of them is such a big win. Although I did face a few challenges, I'm not dwelling on them. It was just a bump in the road and I keep moving on with grace.

I'm proud of myself for speaking up more, knowing my worth and not settling for less. I think I've struggled with this a lot in the past but advocating for myself more this year was needed. I'm coming into my own more and so unapologetic about it. I'm not playing small anymore. I'm not dimming my light for the sake of others. I'm more intentional with who I have around me and who I tell things to.

I went to the gym 132 times throughout the year. I do admit I got lazy towards the end of the year but hope to be more consistent next year. I tracked how much I've walked and this year I walked 661.5 miles! That number is less than how much I walked last year but feel more stronger than ever! I think going to the gym more this year has helped me so much with my mental health.

I do want to be more organized. Right now I feel like I have 'organized chaos' but I want to have systems in place to not only organize my space but also my computer and hard drives. I've been putting this off for a long time and want to make this a priority in the following year.

I closed the year having readership from 165 countries and 4,842 cities. These stats blow my mind every year as I'm just grateful to have people discover and read my content from all over the world. My readership increased from last year even though I barely posted. So grateful for the power of SEO.
I keep getting in a weird funk when it comes to my blog. I don't know what it is but my posting paralysis seems to always win. I'm trying to change that for 2023 and already working on publishing all my posts that are in my drafts. I need to stop second guessing my writing and just publish. I did work on somethings on the back end of the blog, re-edited a few old blog posts There's always a never ending to do list when it comes to keeping up with a blog but I'm back and feeling re-inspired. I think I'm going to switch things up and get a new theme and really focus on my blog next year. I promise to be more consistent in 2023!

I kicked off the year spending time in Catskills, New York. I spontaneously visited Niagara Falls both on the New York and Canada side for my abuelita's 82nd birthday. I haven't visited in many years so it was nice to go again and experience it as an adult. I took my mother and abuelita on a trip to their homeland of Colombia! This trip was very special for many reasons and hope to make more visits in the future. Took a fun day trip in Pennsylvania and visited a new town I never been to before. Although I did get to visit a few places this year, I have a strong feeling next year will be my year of TRAVEL. I have a few trips booked and I'm so excited to take you guys on my new adventures abroad!

I filmed and uploaded 15 videos on my main channel and 15 videos on my spanish channel this year. My goal was to post more than I did last year and glad to report I did.  I ended the year with 252,452 channel views on my main channel and 100,614 channel views on my spanish channel. I did slack off towards the end of the year but made up for it and caught up! I also created a shorts channel at the end of 2022 and tried to post regularly on there. I ended the year with 59,052 channel views, not bad for a new channel and testing out the shorts algorithm. 

I was also invited to be part of the Short Creator Community which has been cool. I even received a cool gift from Youtube Shorts. In general, towards the end of the year I had so many ideas I want to implement to my channels for next year, including a rebrand on channel banners, thumbnail look, and the kind of videos I want to upload. Very excited for the upcoming year when it comes to youtube!

Social Media.
On Instagram, on my main account, my goal was to be more consistent in posting reels. I did take a few breaks here and there but kept going. I did end up getting monetized and receiving payouts from Instagram, which was so awesome! It's not much compared to other platforms but happy nonetheless my work is paying off. I did experiment with different video styles and how I show up on the platform. I do feel like my short form content is improving as well as my photography!

My second instagram account (@wanderlustsuenos), I've grown a bit this year and been consistent posting on there. If you didn't know, it's a feature account where I repost Latinx travelers. I think it's so important to highlight Latinx travelers in a space where diversity is still lacking in the travel industry. I have a few ideas on how I want to switch up the content strategy for the following year.

On to Tiktok, this platform is one of my favorites to be on. I do find it to be more entertaining and less curated than instagram.  I did grow a little and had a few videos go semi-viral. I ended up posting 101 tiktoks within the year which I'm so proud of myself for. I'm still figuring out this platform  and figuring out ways how to grow it but have tons of video ideas to post for 2023.

My Pinterest took off in a way I didn't expect. I was invited to be part of the Pinterest beta creator rewards program which I was able to monetize my content. I was so happy seeing my work being recognized and being able to get paid for it. Although at the end of the year, the program ended. I was glad to be part of it and learn from that experience. I've always told myself to be on multiple platforms because you never know which one will hit. This was proof to keep posting, keep going, you never know whose watching and what opportunities can arise from that. 

Linkedin is a platform I implemented in my posting strategy this year. I noticed a few creators post on there regularly and thought I'd try it out. I started posting my content on there and started getting traction in following as a creator account. I'm still trying to figure out how to best show up on that platform and use more wisely. We'll see how it works out in 2023.

Throughout the year I worked with 10 brands! And one of them being an airline. I've always wanted to work with airline at some capacity as a creator and this was the year it happened! I'm been very selective in that partnerships I take on. I rejected many opportunities that didn't align and I'm going to continue this into the following year. This was also the year I was invited to many more industry travel events and pop up events. I loved being able to be part of these events and get to know more industry leaders, creators and new friends!

I worked with two hotel properties this year that I love. One of them has already reached out to work with me again! Some of my work was reposted on other Instagram accounts which was cool to see.

I've attended over 10 virtual events within the travel industry, influencer marketing and destination marketing. I attended five in person events that I was invited to and one I was given press access. I was able to connect with new people who are like-minded, driven, inspirational and super creative!

This was the year I made the most as a creator! Not enough to go completely full-time yet but I'm so proud of my growth. After taking courses, implementing strategies, negotiating my worth, only accepting partnerships that align with my values and treating this like a business has made such a difference from years past. Also being part of a mastermind where having a community of like minded creators talk, share and uplift each other on calls just made the process more helpful.

Another thing I'm very proud of this year was tackling down my debt. I learned more about points and miles. I hope to be completely debt-free in 2023! 

I finally upgraded to a new laptop. My old one was too slow and made it hard to have a good work flow. I also was able to upgrade to a new camera body and lens which has been one of my goals over the past few years. I also pulled the trigger and purchased my first drone! I love watching drone videos and think it gives travel videos that extra magical touch. I can't wait to up-level my skills and master these newly added gear items. I'm always a student and yearning to improve my capabilities. 

As mentioned before I joined the gym again. I'm happy to be going consistently and feeling stronger and stronger each day. My mental state drastically changed after going and can't wait to continue in the new year. 

Thank You 2022.
Here's to ending 2022 with a bang. This year had so many positives, I'm just hoping it continues in 2023! Through the self doubt, growth, healing, frustrations, laughs, memories made, I made it through! I just have a gut feeling 2023 will be such a great year. I don't what it is, but I just feel it with every fiber of my bone! I'm ready to tackle down my goals, dreams and aspirations. I'm so grateful for health, my loved ones and being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, THANK YOU for keeping up with my adventures and supporting me on my platforms whether it's my Blog, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest or Tiktok! It means more than you know when you comment, like, or send me emails/messages. Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!


  1. Consistency is the key for everything. As long as you stay on top of everything you till be fine.

  2. Looking forward on seeing all your new content on the blog in 2023. I understand on consistency and can agree on always having tons to do on the blog end. Best wishes in the new year!


  3. I’m so glad you made it to Niagara Falls! I used to spend a lot of time there when I was a child because I grew up in upstate New York, so beautiful!

  4. It's so inspiring to read about all of your goals and achievements for 2022. I'm so amazed by all of the work you've done with social media, and travel and personal growth. Keep going in 2023!

  5. What a great year for you. Surely we have ups and downs in life but its always goof to be greatful. COngrats on the great stats on your blog too.

  6. Well done for all you accomplishment. may 2023 bring more success.

  7. This was so amazing and inspiring to read.. Wishing that all your goals come through for this year too

  8. Your reflections are very remarkable and I do admire your growth in every direction. I think it’s important to do so to actually see far you went! You inspire so much, I know I go bigger and better myself. Cheers to rock 2023! Lyosha

  9. We went skiing in the Catskills about 20 years ago and we had so much fun! My stepdaughter got married at Niagara Falls two years ago - such an amazing place! We love traveling too!

  10. I love the way you reflect on the year. So many grea tthings youve done!

  11. Happy to know that 2022 was a good year for you. I actually feel they same. Indeed the sun will shine again.

    Congratulations on your blog achievements. I am one of the many readers that read your content. Sending you love all the way from the Philippines and looking forward to more of your posts.