CM Translator Review

June 12, 2019 New York, NY, USA

CM Translator Review

If you have ever felt uncomfortable traveling to a destination where you weren't familiar with the language, this new CM translator will change the game for you when you travel!

CM Translator.
CM Translator is China's most popular hand held translator and it's making it's way to the United States! With just one click you're able to communicate with people in an efficient manner which takes translating languages to another level. It's a two way translation device that can translate up to six different languages and also record and save audio to review it later. If this doesn't sound like a great travel accessory, I don't know what it is!

This was developed by Cheetah Mobile, which boasts dual translation engines powered by AI technology from OrionStar and Microsoft. With having a huge positive presence in China, they are bringing this device to the United States to help break down language barriers between you and the world. Now lets get into the specifics of this device! The translated languages the CM translator focuses on is English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. CM Translator has a 180 day standby time of 24 hour of continuous use. It holds a 1.4 oz portable weight with a sturdy sleek shell design. To learn more about this product (click here) to get additional information!

How to Use.
Setting this up is pretty easy which is great when you're traveling and always on the go.
  • Download CM Translator App- The app is free and available on both the App Store or on Google Play.
  •  Pair Device With Your Phone- After downloading the app it will tell you to have your bluetooth on and press down the button of the hand held translator at the same time until it pairs together! 
  • Start Translating- You're now able to start translating with one click!
As I mentioned before you're able to record audio up to two hours. To do this you have to go on the app and switch to recording mode! You're able to rename, share, and delete these files as well.

My Review.
I'm always up for trying new things and products when it comes to travel. When I had the chance to play around with the CM Translator, I couldn't wait to see how it performed. I've always been a google translate user when I traveled abroad. It has come in handy in many instances when I couldn't communicate with locals who didn't speak English or Spanish. The CM translator is different in many ways that I think can be very useful to travelers or to people who want to communicate with others who speak a different language. I love that this is a hand held device that is very sleek and slim in design. It can fit literally anywhere and not take up much space which is huge for someone who travels with a lot of gear.

It's compact and comes with a charging cable but what makes this amazing is that it can record audio up to two hours. Not sure of many of you have this particular issue when traveling abroad but my phone tends to always lose battery quickly especially when I'm taking photos/videos, finding directions, or listening to music. Having a hand held translator device that's compact but also is separate from using my phone is awesome for saving battery life!

What really stands out to me with the CM Translator is the two way translation aspect. If you find yourself abroad wanting directions or asking recommendations from locals, having this device  makes the communication process so seamless. The local or yourself can speak directly into the hand held device and it can translate quickly to the app in written form and with a voice. This makes the translation process so quick and easy instead of having to type out everything like other translation apps.

Not only can you use this device abroad while traveling but you can even use it in your city. The United States is a big melting pot of diversity and different ethnicities. I know as a New Yorker, the diversity in this city is amazing and there's many neighborhoods where you can test this translator out with and communicate effectively. You can also use this device to communicate with friends who speak a different language or helping out strangers who don't speak English. I'm a huge believer in learning different languages and helping out others who may not understand what's going on. For instance, my grandmother who doesn't completely understand the English language, I think the CM translator would come in handy for her when she's out and about shopping. And if she doesn't understand what someone is saying to her, this device can help her!

The one small con of the CM translator is that it only translates six languages. Majority of which are in Asian speaking countries. If you're planning to visit many of those countries, this device will definitely come in handy while you're there. Or if you're visiting Spanish speaking countries, this can help you out too. If the CM translator did expand to more languages, this would be an all around amazing product for everyone around the globe. I'm sure in the future this can be worked on but as for now this is a great travel product to check out!

CM Translator Review

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  1. I have never heard of this product, but it seems like it is a great item to have!

  2. This is seriously so cool and seems like it is a total game changer!! Would be great for the travel lover!!

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  4. This is such a cool product. I've heard about the in-ear buds that politicians use for their summits but this is so handy for the everyday traveler!

  5. I've heard of devices similar to this before, but I thought they were pretty far-fetched and maybe just a prospect rather than an actual creation. Now I'm fascinated and want to try it for myself. My best friend lives in Switzerland, so it would be helpful to own this if I ever get a chance to visit her and explore - and I want to talk to the locals for myself!

  6. Ok, I may need this. I didn't even know that having translations could be so easy.

    Xx, Nailil

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