Holiday Lights in Dyker Heights | Brooklyn, NYC

December 18, 2018 New York, NY, USA

holiday lights in dyker heights nyc

New York City is always busy throughout the year but during the holiday season it's definitely at it's peak with tourists coming to visit. Dyker Heights provides a different tourist attraction that many don't really know about.

Dyker Heights Holiday Lights.
Address: From 83rd to 86th Streets between 11th & 13th Ave.

For the last couple of years, I would hear about the holiday lights in Dyker Heights. I always would miss it or forget to go but this was the year I finally headed down to Dyker Heights to check it out. If you're unfamiliar from what I'm talking about, let me break it down for you! During the holiday season, New York City is flooded with tourists who come to check out the infamous Rockefeller tree, pretty decorated window displays, light shows, or go ice skating in the many ice parks around the city. All those places I mentioned are relatively close to each other in distance which makes walking around there a nightmare during this time. 

In the lovely neighborhood of Dyker Heights, you get a different kind of holiday season experience. Many houses in this neighborhood go above and beyond when decorating their houses. There's like an unspoken competition between the resident owners in this neighborhood. You'll find gigantic ornaments, motorized displays, colorful lights, and different themes from house to house. It's something different to experience than the usual touristy spots in NYC. You can either walk or drive around the area. The most popular houses are on the streets listed above but if you drive around you're able to find fun decorated houses on quiet streets. I missed a couple of houses but took some photos which you can see when you keep scrolling down. Can't wait to check it out next year and see how they decorate. Kids will surely love it and if you want to get in the holiday spirit definitely stop by!

Tips When Visiting.
  • The Dyker Heights lights start the weekend after Thanksgiving. I recommend visiting mid- December so you're able to see more houses with  their decoration up!
  • Most houses turn on their light displays as soon as the sun goes down. So try to go around 5pm-9pm!
  • The weekends tend to get very crowded. So if you can I highly recommend going during the week.
  • Remember this is a residential area, so be respectful!
  • Bring some cash. Some houses have donation boxes out, so it's up to you if you want to leave a little something.
  • Dress warmly, the weather in December is unpredictable but most of the time it gets pretty cold. So if you're going to be walking around, bundle up.
  • When I visited I did see some food trucks (ice cream, fresh popcorn and nuts, and coffee) that were parked close to the houses with many decorations. But just in case, bring some snacks or hot drinks to enjoy while you stroll around.
  • I do recommend if you're coming in car to go early so you can find a parking spot. As it gets closer to Christmas, it gets pretty busy.
  • There is police patrolling the  area if it gets crazy and sometimes they block off certain streets.
  • You can totally visit here and do your own self guided tour but there are tours available to take if that's what you prefer.
Photo Diary.
holiday lights in dyker heights nyc

holiday lights in dyker heights nyc

holiday lights in dyker heights nyc

dyker heights in nyc

holiday lights in dyker heights nyc

holiday lights in dyker heights nyc

holiday lights in dyker heights nyc

holiday heights in dyker heights nyc

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  1. Awesome Post! Christmas Spirit On!

  2. Wow! I had never even heard of that, now I want to put it on my travel bucket list. Such an unique experience. My husband's family's first home was in Brooklyn, so I always have a soft spot for that part of New York City.

    Karen |

    1. You have to visit during the next holiday season for sure!