Devociòn Cafe | Brooklyn, NYC

November 28, 2018 New York, NY, USA

devocion nyc coffe

I found an authentic Colombian coffee spot in NYC! If you want good coffee in a nice ambiance, this is the spot for you.

Devociòn Cafe.
Address: 69 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY 11249

Devociòn is a Colombian artisan coffee company whose mission is to "change the way coffee is drunk around the world and an emphasis on the freshest coffee possible." It's sort of like a farm to table concept when it comes to their coffee. They have three New York City based locations and one in Colombia so far and love that each location has a different design vibe. The weekends do tend to get busy so make sure you come  early if you want a spot to sit down at. You're also able to buy their awesome coffee at the cafe to make at home or you can order it directly from their website.

I love trying out new cafes around NYC and I think I found my new favorite place with AMAZING coffee! I actually heard about this place from a friend and couldn't wait to check it out since I was near one of their locations in Brooklyn. As a Colombiana; I can tell you this is as authentic as it gets here in the city! The decor of this locations is super cute, it's a very open concept with lots of greenery, tables, couches, and places to hang out with friend or if you have to do some laptop work. I recommend trying their cortado, trust me you will feel wide awake after one of these. I've never been a person who after drinking a cup of coffee feels 'awake' as some people do. But after having a cortado, let me tell me tell you I was up and alert! I would definitely come back and highly recommend checking it out if your in the area.

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devocion nyc coffee

nyc devocion coffee

devocion coffee nyc

devocion nyc coffee

devocion nyc coffee

devocion nyc coffee

devocion nyc coffee

devocion nyc coffee

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