Current Favorite Hair Masque | Dp Hue ACV

October 10, 2018

I’m all about trying new hair products especially because I just have a lot of hair. I discovered a new product that will change your hair if you need a pick me up and some pampering on your locks!

DP Hue: Apple Cider Vinegar Masque.
My hair texture is thick, wavy, and dry. My hair at the moment is at its longest it has ever been and I know it’s time for a haircut but I just can’t let go yet haha. I’ve recently have been noticing in the last two months that my hair has been extra dry and has been extra tangly (if that’s even a word but you get what I mean!) Not sure if it’s because I switched my shampoo and conditioner, it’s time for a haircut or if it’s because the damage it went through during this past summer. 

I was happy to get the DP Hue ACV hair masque in the mail because I was meaning to buy a hair masque to help my hair out because let’s be honest it desperately needed it. After the first try, I was instantly hooked! It’s a thick, creamy consistency which I prefer in hair masque formulations. The scent of this hair masque reminded me of a candle which is kind of weird lol. If your a Bath & Body Works candle lover, then think of the mahogany teakwood scent. It’s sort of a woodsy, refreshing scent which I love! 

Leaving the conditioner in while I was showering for about 10 minutes and washing it out I instantly noticed the difference in texture in my hair. I have been struggling with getting many knots in my hair lately especially located at the roots of hair. Brushing out my hair after the shower was so easy and fast. It felt so much softer, like no lie I was impressed after trying it for the first time. I usually let my hair air dry and I again noticed a shine and hydration look to my hair. I tried it a couple more times throughout the weeks and can honestly say I recommend checking this amazing hair masque out! Especially after the summer or if your hair was damaged from traveling this is a great hair treatment to try out.

Detailed Info.
Here's a bit more detailed information about the product and what it suppose to do for your hair! "Intelligently repairs and deeply conditions with smart proteins that target damaged areas of the hair, without weighing hair down. Plant-based  conditioning agents restore elasticity and enhance luster, leaving hair soft, silky and vibrant. Benefits increase with use. Blended with fatty-acid rich Rosehip, Avocado and Coconut oils. Sunflower Seed Extract protects color and enriched Vitamin B3 helps to strengthen hair." This 9 oz  product is made in the USA and also sulfate m silicone, paraben, gluten, cruelty free. You're able to find this masque in your local Sephora!

*I received these items at no charge in exchange for testing and product reviews.*

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What's your favorite hair masque that you like using?


  1. This sounds lovely! I could use something like this

  2. I have very fine long hair but it could always do with products to enrich and strengthen!

  3. Wow your hair is gorgeous! I should definitely try this.

    Kasey Ma

  4. My hair is thin and oily xD but I could use all the strengthening I could get...