A Guide to Seminyak | Bali, Indonesia

October 9, 2016 Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

If it's your first time heading to Bali, don't forget to make a pitstop in Seminyak!
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.
Departing Gili T, I couldn't wait to head back to the mainland. If you want to read more on our stay in Gili T (click here) for more information. Seminyak is Bali's more upscale trendy hotspot. It is located just north of Kuta and Legian, it's easy to get to all these areas since they are in close proximity to one another. Tourists usually gravitate to Seminyak to enjoy a bit more of luxury and relaxation. If you want to see what villa we stayed in during our time in Seminyak (click here). Here is a full guide on what to do while you're there!

Visit a Beach Club.
You can't come to Seminyak and not go to a beach club. We actually went to Potato Head Beach Club twice, once while we were staying in Kuta and as soon as we got to Seminyak. It's a pretty popular spot that many travelers like to hit up because of the decor, vibe, food, and music. During the day it has a chill vibe but during the afternoon the music gets a little louder and more people start coming in. During sunset hour, this is place does get pretty busy just to keep that in mind. So while you're in Seminyak, definitely hit up one of the beach clubs!

Eat at Fun Restaurants.
For all the foodies out there, this is the area where you want to wine and dine. Offering everything from upscale fine dining to local eateries, this neighborhood has something for everyone. With tons of restaurant options there's also amazing cafes everywhere! Additionally, there's snack shops all around such as ice cream, gelato, etc, for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. One of my favorite places was Motel Mexicola, which has the best Mexican food in Bali! The decor is super retro, the drinks are so smooth, and the food is outstanding. We actually came here twice because it's that good. I suggest coming here at night because they turn the music louder and it's becomes such a fun atmosphere!

Retail Therapy.
If you want to get your shopping done, do it here! I think I went a little crazy on my last day, with tons of bags in hand before heading to the airport. Seminyak is the mecca of boutique shopping as well as finding cute souvenirs on corner streets. Luckily the villa where I stayed in (click here) was located between tons of street vendors, boutiques, and a mall! You fill find tons of stores/boutiques that you are familiar with, European inspired clothing, and Australian brands. Whether you're on a budget or not, you will definitely find things in all price ranges. I love supporting local artisans, so I did a mixture of shopping at local markets and as well as scoring awesome pieces in the boutiques and at the mall.

Sunset Watching.
Sunsets are the best in Bali, if you haven't realized yet through all my Bali blog posts!There are many ways to enjoy watching the sun go down whether if it's at a beach club, walking by the beach, your hotel room, or at bar. A fun spot I recommend checking out is La Plancha. It's a beachfront restaurant/bar but it's very popular during sunset hours. There's tons of bean bag chairs on the sand where everyone kicks back, relaxes, and enjoy a drink while watching the sun go down.

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  1. Thank you for the info!
    I'm currently planning a trip to Bali and will put this place on my bucketlist :)

  2. As I was reading the post, the thing that attracted me most is the vibrant colors of the place. really liked it. There are very few places with so much play with colors. The beach club also looks fabulous.

  3. never been and cant wait to go! love al your images too :)

  4. I love sunsets at a beach :) It is the thing, that you get never tired of. Wish I was there instead of rainy days here in Finland.

    1. Sunsets are my favorite for sure, hopefully some sun comes your way soon!