Copa America Centenario Quarter Finals 2016

June 21, 2016

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your country's team in person during a major soccer cup!

Copa America Centenario has been going in the last couple of weeks and of course I'm rooting for Colombia! When Colombia won the last game and found out they will be playing in New York, my family bought tickets immediately! I know from last year's experience, when the team plays in New York, they usually stay at the same hotel. If you want to know more about my first time meeting the team (click here). I wasn't sure how the scene would be for this year, but I was more prepared this time around. I couldn't believe I was able to get pictures with so many players and especially James Rodriguez again!

The actual game was so much fun. The energy and vibes around a big game like this is indescribable. My family tail-gated before the game started in the parking lot. Once we got to our seats, I couldn't believe how close we were! The game was amazing since we won 4-2 against Peru, which meant we advanced to the semi-finals against Chile. After the game, as we were walking out to the exits, I spotted James Rodriguez wife, Daniela Ospina and daughter, Salome Rodriguez. No one really recognized them, so I went over and asked for a picture and of course she was so nice to say yes. My father and cousin were also able to get pictures with Daniela Ospina as well. Overall, this had to be hands down one of the best games I ever been to! Hope you guys enjoy the photos I took as well as a mini YouTube vlog I put together.

Selección Colombia. 

Copa America 2016.

Youtube Video.

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