Anna and the French Kiss

February 9, 2016

I have never finished a book so quickly until reading Anna and the French Kiss! Bringing young love and traveling into a book had me sold.

The Plot.
Anna Oliphant is forced by her father to study abroad at the School of America in Paris for her senior year. Enraged by many factors such as lacking knowledge of the French language, living without her best friend Bridget, and missing her family, Anna does not want to be stuck in Paris. She is quite down about the situation until she runs into Etienne St. Clair, a French boy with an English accent located at an American school. Foreign city and cute boy, what is the problem? Well... he has a girlfriend. As they become best friends they both realize there's undeniable chemistry between them, but with lots of obstacles blocking their way, will Anna get that French kiss she has been waiting for?

Book Review.
This novel, along with romance, is partly about growing up and coming of age. Anna is forced to grow up and become an adult when she is shoved out into the world in a foreign boarding school. It is interesting to watch her navigate through situations and putting myself in those situations. Getting out of your comfort zone can be challenging. At the end it will change you in many ways you wouldn't have thought were possible.

Anna and St Clair's relationship steals the show! Their journey is a wild one that will have you squirming in agony, wishing they’d just get together already. There’s a lot of near misses with them throughout, and while Anna still wonders whether to wait for Toph, it’s hard not to shake her and tell her that her and St Clair are MEANT TO BE. The chemistry between Anna and St Clair is undeniable and wishing you had the same thing in real life.

The attention to detail also comes into play a lot for the setting of the novel. Since it’s set in Paris, it provides the perfect opportunity for the reader to do some travelling from the comfort of their own home. Throughout the novel, Anna ticks off the main attractions of Paris, usually in company of St Clair – she visits Notre Dame, Point Zero, the River Seine, Jardin du Luxembourg and several other iconic locations. Through Anna, the reader is transported hundreds of miles to a place that can be beautifully observed through her eyes. It’s the kind of novel that will give you wanderlust, and have you booking flights for your next foreign city break.

Anna and the French Kiss is a sweet, charming, and happy read that literally kept me smiling the whole way through - and I admit I even teared up at parts. I know for me it gave me hope that someday I will meet that special someone and experience love in a foreign city (GOALS). I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves happy endings and cute love stories! Stephanie Perkins did an amazing job and you won't regret reading this book. Stay tuned for reviews on the other two books in the series!

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