Packing Tip: Packing Cubes

July 18, 2015

Ebags Packing Cubes Review
Stuffing your suitcase with a bunch of clothes before a trip can be messy. Also keeping your suitcase organized during a trip is hard if you're trying going to multiple cities. If you want to keep your suitcase organized during an upcoming vacation, you might want to look into buying packing cubes!

What are packing cubes?
Packing cubes are lightweight bags of various sizes, often with a see-through mesh window, that can be used to stuff your travel items into organized sections in your suitcase or backpack.

Is it worth buying?
I found about packing cubes by watching multiple YouTube videos. I bought eBag packing cubes for my upcoming Euro trip. Im not an organized person whatsoever. But traveling for a month and living out my suitcase, I thought packing cubes would be an excellent way to pack efficiently. Is it worth buying? Yes. Packing cubes come in a variety different colors and sizes that make it super easy to keep clean and dirty clothes separated, store shoes, camera gear, accessories, and etc!

Ebags Packing Cubes Review

Packing cube PROS
  • Helps to organize clothes and other gear
  • Durable
  • The cubes make it easier to pack and unpack your luggage
  • Versatile, can be used not only for travel
  • Mesh exterior allows you to see what’s inside the cube without opening it
  • Colorful, easy to recognize
  • Machine washable (cold water on the gentle cycle, no bleach and don’t put in dryer)
  • Lightweight
Packing cube CONS
  • Does not really compress clothing
  • When filling the packing cubes, the cubes bulge 
  • Too many packing cubes in suitcase can lead to not utilizing luggage space efficiently 
Comment below,
Do you use packing cubes? If so, do you find them useful?

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